Monday, February 25, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh Card of the Week: 2/25

Welcome again to another installment for the Yugioh card of the week.  This week's card is none other then Yusei's favorite Stardust Dragon. During the era of Yugioh 5Ds this card was a heavily used card but thanks to Zexal it became kind of underrated card. From what I hear synchros have been ignored in the metagame in the recent years but personally I think you should give this card a chance. Its effect is one of the better synchro type effects because it doesn't rely on any specific cards so anyone can use it. Thanks to its effect you will be able to stop its destruction and allows you to summon again on the field. 5Ds may be long over but that doesn't have to mean that this card stay collecting dust so if you are currently not using it or haven't used it at all I think you should have another look at it.

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