Monday, March 18, 2013

Cosplay Hottie of March 2013

hey there InfiKnights with Easter around the corner I'm sure you're all ready to rot your teeth on candy well here's something equally sweet. I give you the beautiful Salacious Eos
What are your favorite geek vices of choice?. . Scott McNeil
What got you into anime/comics etc? currently Berserk/Marvel comics (Captain America)
 What got you into cosplay? Going to the conventions
 What are some of your favorite anime/games? Games anything Mario or Zelda of course
 What are your favorite foods? SUSHI!!!!

What is the best part of cosplaying?  Really bringing that character to life. I love going to the conventions and having a costume so good that even if one doesn't know they character they're still inclined to take pictures and ask questions.

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