Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Executive Assistant: Iris # 3 Review

Written by David Wohl
Art by Alex Lei & Siya Oum
Aspen Comics


            We pick up where we left off with a gunshot … which comes from an unknown area. Iris is able to save one of her “employers” with the help of her other “employer.” Yet, she finds that Rose was let go which leads to a big confrontations which shows almost all of the Executive Assistants together for the first time.

            The mysteries of Rose deepen as she gets a very surprising kind of help. Leaving Iris to stew. As she then chooses not to chase after Rose anymore, Iris ends up flying back only to have more trouble waiting for her.


             Alex Lei really steps up his game this issue. Last issue, there was good pencils but awkward panel work. There is none of that here. Pencils and inks are very strong this issue. No misproportions. And backgrounds were decent this issue. Siya Oum’s colors really help Lei’s pencils and inks stand out. The action was visually very good this issue.

            Unfortunately, Lei’s pictures of characters from the distant is not the best. Panels with characters seen in the distance seem a bit too cluttered together in terms of pencils and inks. And at first, I was kinda of quizzically looking at a panel right before Rose was supposed to be tortured to find Rose smiling. That was oddly disturbing to me cause she was ABOUT TO GET TORTURED AND WAS SMILING.

            Now, whether if that is cause she knew what was gonna happen next or not, is debatable but otherwise, Lei gives a strong showing of art this issue with beautiful colors by Siya Oum.


            Wohl gives us an issue at a breakneck pace. Like I said when I reviewed issue # 2, it felt like the pacing of a big action movie. And it REALLY fits this issue. A lot happens this issue but it is paced well that it flows … much like an action movie. There was a lot of rising action with a lot of the other Executive Assistants interacting with each other which really sweetened the issue.  While some might find the inner monologue as wordy exposition, it actually works for Iris, the main star of the  book. Iris is finding out a lot of Matsuzu that is cause for her to be both angry and a little fearful of him. And her showdown this issue made her question herself. I applaud Wohl taking a concept of assassins and being about to make her relatable by showing her question herself and her abilities after failing to succeed in a task she normally excels in.

            The characterizations of both Rose and Iris were really strong this issue. It makes me look forward to much more from them and their interactions. Lily’s interactions with Iris were also very entertaining, showing a respect and history between the characters that I enjoyed watching.

            And the cliffhanger of an ending definitely makes me want to see what will happen next. I look forward to seeing what will come next.


            Executive Assistant: Iris # 3 was a solid issue filled with action, intrigue and a looking into a group of professions finding themselves dealing with loyalty to each other or loyalty to whoever pays them. Iris finds herself questioning herself and the conflict herself which adds a bit to Iris as a character. Wohl handles giving a breakneck pace well while Lei proves good art. While there is room for improvement with Lei, you can definitely see improvement this issue. Oum’s colors are beautiful to gaze upon. I look forward to seeing what Wohl, Lei & Oum have in store for us next.


            I give Executive Assistant: Iris # 3 an 8 out of 10. The book is good.

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