Thursday, March 7, 2013


We're over the hump of Ikaricast Week. Now, we get to see our own Jeremias de Leon (Xaos) talk Giant Robots & Super Robot Wars. Going back to Season 2 of the Ikaricast.


With Xaos being by himself this week, and since the guys really had no agenda anyway, Xaos decided to make this episode about GIANT ROBOTS. Specifically about asking YOU GUYS about GIANT ROBOTS. We want to know what you think, so all xaos did was give some explanations and we leave it to you to talk about it. So go ahead and e-mail us your opinions about giant robots and what giant robot anime you guys liked/disliked. So e-mail us at: Of course Xaos doesn't do that before giving you guys the news, so you'll still want to listen in even if you don't care about giant robots. ; The music used for the beginning is called "Dark Knight" (a slowed down version) and is part of the Super Robot Wars Original Generations soundtrack The song for the first break is called "Cadillac" by Prepschool and the song for the second break is called "Yacht Race" by Prepschool. The last song is called TROMBE! and is from the Super Robot Wars Original Generations soundtrack (and also slowed down...)
Download Prepschool's album "Cadillac" for free at
Check out the Screwattack Magazine worked on by Hybrid Rain and other G1s including The Incredible Jeff aka 16 Bit Jeff
8 Bit Deathmatch trailer with Shades' livestream footage:
Cut Man Mike's site
Download the episode here

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