Monday, March 4, 2013

Legend of the Shadow Clan # 2 Review

            At school, Brayden is in detention but leaves to follow a pair of twins he thinks are hot … getting into some trouble. Meanwhile, young Pogo feels like something is up and figures out that something happened to Darren. It ends back with Koji deciding his next move.


            Cory Smith has very sharp, detailed work. The backgrounds are beautiful. His men and women are very distinct. You can easily tell each character from the other. There is something of a rhythm in this book’s art. It flows well, panel to panel. Being dynamic when it needs to be to tell a story but not crazy for the sake of being crazy.

            Smith’s sharp art is brought to life strongly with the help of John Starr’s colors. With the pencils and inks being so sharp, Starr’s colors really step up Smith’s art. The cinematic feel of the pages at times really fit with the store. This art team is impressive in this second issue.


            In the first issue, there was a LOT of exposition. Yet, this issue, we get a great balance. While there was no major action during the issue, the plot advanced well. The pacing of the book really helped ease through the scene changes. And we got a rich amount of character development.

            Wohl and Foxhoven really do a great job giving the characters voices this issue. From Eva, to Richard, to Koji to Brayden. Each voice is distinct with a personality. Again, the pacing this issue was excellent as it is ground work for what is next but still very interesting and helped fleshed out the characters more. A better job this issue from Wohl and Foxhoven.


            Legend of the Shadow Clan # 2 takes out the wordy exposition, replacing it with great dialogue that feels very authentic. The characters look and feel very real. The plot and characters are appealing. Great art and a solid story that is moving along, much like an action movie. Legend of the Shadow Clan # 2 is a great mid point for the story, making everything move along with no really dragging or feeling as if it is moving too fast. Great job but the creative team here.


            Legend of the Shadow Clan # 2 does a great job doing a little world building, character development and overall moving of the plot with stunning art. Pick it up!

            I give Legend of the Shadow Clan # 2 an 8.5 out of 10.

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