Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Legends of Power WEEK # 43: I'm NOT a Real Boy?!

Things No Said
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

            I know. I know. I am hearing the groans, moans and hatred for this show from many fans already. Yet, every Power Rangers season is someone’s favorite … but it is not mine. That being said, Operation Overdrive had a few good gems in an otherwise mountain of crap as they raped one of my favorite Sentai shows. *sigh*

            I promised I wasn’t going to do this. I promised that I wasn’t gonna go in FAN BOY RAGE but seriously …Boukenger was so damn EPIC! It was GREAT  and Disney, you decided to take a massive shit all over it with a …

*Alpha Protocols Running. Anti Fan Boy Rage Cut off*

             . . . Okay. I’ll shut up about it. I do not often make comparison’s to the Sentai cause I find that ruins both sides of the coin for you. Operation Overdrive, in and of itself was HORRIBLE. Yet, like I mentioned earlier. There were a few gems.

            Chief among them was a twist that we had little clue and barely saw coming. In Things Not Said, the actors turned it up a notch for a very dramatic confrontation between father and son as we find out that Mack … Mack is an android. You see, his father said he didn’t have enough time to meet the right woman which lead to one of the best dramatic scenes in the franchises history.

            Mack’s emotions were authentic. The situation was out of left field but if you took a look back at older episodes, there were very vague clues. The rest of the cast, scans Dax (who was a horrible attempt to make a new Bridge but as a stuntman) cause he sucked, really helped convey the emotion of Mack dealing with his life being a lie. And not being alive at all. A very interesting twist handled extremely well. And that fact that they waited to the last 3rd of the series made the revelation all the more impactful. Mack had felt real enough to the team and lead them. Will saying, “We’re brothers” really highlights the great writing, acting and directing done in this episode.

            As to why it’s # 43. 1 – It has Dax. 2 – the rest of the series only has a few more glimmers of acting this good. 3 – this is the best episode of the series. 4 – The twist and philosophical questions that came from it were handled extremely well. But yeah. Things Not Said comes in at # 43.  Well, till the next time, May the Power Protect You!

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