Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rumor or truth? You decide!! Glapion was fired!!

Rumor or truth? You decide!!

Remember this is just a rumor and I heard it through the grapevine. If the creators or people behind this would like to add their input it would be great, if not this is what I heard.

Rumor has it that Jonathan Glapion was fired from Batman when a fan had pointed out a ugly drawn face in one of the panels within a certain Batman issue, over twitter. This actually agitated Capullo so much when said fan had pointed this out, that he would turn around blame the inker for doing a poor job. Eventually the Inker Glapion knew this would be a disaster if he did not defend himself, and could potentially make him lose his job or prohibit him from getting future gigs.. Thus he had posted many of the original pages he had inked from, thus showing that the ugly face originated by Capullo’s poorly drawn Robin face. This only added insult to injury and was the seeds of Jonathan Glapion’s departure on the title.  

A few months would go by from what I learned, that eventually Glapion thought that the bad blood had passed, but eventually he would learn when Capullo would talk about how great his art would look colored. This made Glapion think he better go check his dropbox. So when Glapion checked his dropbox he noted there was no art. Finally he would contact his editor about where the pages because it had been nearly 2 weeks and no pages had come in. Well he would be told that moment that he was off the book.

Meanwhile Miki didn’t renew with Marvel, and he had contacted his old pal Capullo saying he wanted in Batman to make the big books, and this is when Capullo seized this moment to get Glapion booted from the title due to the insult.

The bad thing here is that Glapion had been friends with both Greg Capullo and Danny Miki, and had even helped Miki start his Inking Studio years earlier, but now  he was backstabbed by his two friends over this entire incident because egos were bruised.

Luckily for Glapion, as soon as he was let go he got a hold of Jim Lee, and was given carte blanche on any title he wanted to work on or so says my source. J

Jake Estrada

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