Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shadowman # 5 REVIEW

Written by Justin Jordon & Patrick Zircher
Art by Patrick Zircher, Lee Garbett, Roberto Delatorre & Stefano Gaudiano
Valiant Comics


            We open with one of the Brethen falling to a man who worships the Voodoo God known as the Baron .. . violently. Cut to Jack at the Diner where he was in the first issue, trying to have some normal after all the insanity. Only to bring insanity to him after a very angry Alyssa. Jack learns first hand that his old life is over for good in a violent way.

            Meanwhile, in a police station, a criminal is being interrogated by … OMG ….Shan Fong … She’s … the new DR MIRAGE!!! Yes. Yes! YES!!!! . . .. Um … yeah. After we see the new  Dr. Mirage in actions with a ghost … that scene leads us to the …

            Deadside where Darque is traveling alongside our monkey friend from last issue, Jaunty. Jaunty brings Darque to a large manor in the Deadside where he meets with a somewhat surprising figure inside.


            You know? There are multiple artists this issue. Different styles. And while the styles are different, it did not really interrupt the flow of the story. There are darker inks used this issue but still lead to some stunning work from Zircher, Garbett, Delatorre & Gaudiano. The darker inks this issue actually helped make Zircher & Garbett’s work stand out more. It also blended with the tone of the story, Making it more and more interesting.

            There are some magnificent pieces of panel work done by Zircher early on. And Garbett’s pages were really strong here as well. And while the different art styles in the same issue are breaks up the flow of some comics, the art team masterfully uses it here. The most the art work felt a little off was transitioning from Dr. Mirage (Y AY!) to Darque but  that is pretty much the equivalent to a car over a small pot hole.


            Justin Jordon and Patrick Zircher deliver a strong, well paced opening to their second arc. We get mysteries as two new characters, the Baron worshipper and the new Dr. Mirage, quickly get woven into the tapestry of Jack Boniface’s conflict without meeting him.
            The violent opening really help super charged the book as it slowed down just enough to keep a great pace.  We get some good character development for Jack, Dox, Darque and the new characters while the issue ends up being a lot of set up. Yet, it is great set up as we get to see Jack learning to live with his decision and to the legacy he carries.  

            The new Dr. Mirage is already very interesting.  I like the fact that she’s a woman and a paranormal investigator that used to be on tv. A very interesting difference from her predecessor. The Brethen are proving more and more interesting as time flies. And we got a very satisfying ending with  Darque meeting a … oh no. I’m not telling. 

            Good pacing. Great Character development and a wonderful job introducing two new players in this conflict while advancing the main character and one of his supporting characters as well. Great job Jordon and Zircher.


            This book really never disappoints me. Sure, the art is a bit different this issue but definitely works in the confines of the story. The art was solid. The characters were very entertaining, compelling. The plotlines were all interesting and interconnecting. And we get a look to the past while heading towards the future.

            Besides the minor hiccup, Shadowman continues to be one of the strongest comics out there. Well written, great characters, interesting plots and gripping story make Shadowman a triumph for any and all readers.


   I give Shadowman # 5 a 9 out of 10. Sure. Not perfect but still damn good and you should own it now!!!!

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