Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Soulfire (Vol. 4) # 4 Review

SOULFIRE  (Vol. 4) # 4
Written by JT Krul & Frank Mastromauro
Art by  Mike DeBalfo & Nei Ruffino
Aspen Comics


            So … let me be perfectly frank here. (Ha. I made a funny.) There is a LOT of EPIC SHIT that goes down this issue. Benoist  had sacrificed himself to save others and now … the frightening suggestion fusing magic and technology to save him is being devised with interesting results.

            While this is happening, there is definite conflict as the King comes in, finding these methods disgusting . . . even threatening Faye, his Queen. Malikai talks things over with Sonia about the world might be coming to the end for humanity much like the Ice Age was the end of the Dinosaurs. Sarin and Nisaba coming in as several others are talking and Nisaba accusing them of conspiring against Sarin. A small fight ensues but ends when . ..  nah. Not tell you that.

            I will say this. Remember when Malikai compared to what was happening now to the coming of the end of Dinosaurs. Well, we get PLENTY of evidence of that!


            I have to say right off the bat that Mike DeBalfo is an extremely talented & amazing artist. The visuals in Soulfire were damn near breath taking. There was a lot of beautiful detail. The thick inks really help show off the grandeur of the book and its characters. I honestly can say that several panels and pages would make spectacular posters alone. Ruffino’s colors help accentuate DeBalfo’s art into vivid pieces of art. The characters are nice and detailed. The backgrounds are astounding. DeBalfo & Ruffino’s art is honestly eye sex.

            Which gets me to my one real issue with the art. DeBalfo’s art on some of the smaller panels with people in the distance looks blurry. It could have been hurried due to the fact of the detail to the larger panels but these smaller panels with people in a distance looked rushed. It is really the only blemish on an otherwise magnificently rendered comic.


            Mastromauro works with JT Krul on the plot while Krul does the heavy lifting in terms of writing. And I really enjoyed this issue. The scope of the comic is epic and Krul proves it within these pages. I seriously yelled “HOLY FRELL” (I’m a fan of Farscape: get of it) at least 5 times during the comic. The story was gripping.

            The characters were all relatable. There was a large cast in this book and I really am not familiar with them but now, I want to know all about them. Malikai, Faye & Benoist really resonated with me most of all.  I enjoy the elements of fantasy mixed with modern day in Soulfire. Especially, I loved the aspect of magic vs technology coming to head in this particular issue.  And how the answers to their current problems does not lie with either one individually.

            The pacing for the book was strong with nothing that felt too out of whack that isn’t on purpose. Like I said, there were moments that Krul wrote in that made me yell outloud several times. Krul really shines in this book and world.


            Soulfire Vol. 4, # 4 was an exciting issue that will captivate you and astound you. There are a lot of characters but you don’t feel lost. Besides the minor complaint, this really is a stunning, fascinating book full of intrigue, versatility and wonder. This book is clearly one of the most original books out there now.


            I give Soulfire Vol. 4, # 4 a 7.5 out of 10. Besides the minor panel fubs, it is a good book. Pick it up.  

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