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Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I have written anything since I am always on my drawing board, doing various things for other people, but I had some time to interview a dear friend of mine, Jose “Nino” Mesarina. Nino, is a sensational artist, with a very unique art style true to him and his entire being. To me personally he is a favorite artist of mine, someone that I can look up too within the Latino community. Time to time I even ask for some sound advice from Nino, because he always has an amazing insight to how he handles business, and how he feels about certain things.

Nino Mesarina, in the flesh. 

Nino, was born in Chicago, on April 23rd, 1971. He used to scribble on the wall as a child, with crayons. Nino, states that his influences are his father, Climaco G. Mesarina, Jack Kirby, Charles Shultz, Mort Drucker, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Ernesto Redondo, and many more. Back in the 8th grade he had created his first comic book company with childhood friend Ralf Ramirez, “M.R. Comics, which was a short lived venture due to the fact Nino states that Ralf was a lazy partner and had Nino running around like a chicken doing all the work.

Nino had created properties such as  DAR-TEX, TERRIBLE TYRANIUS TED, SUPER SCROCIOLLA FRANTIC MAN. Many original pages still exist. Nino, even drew for the High Newspaper called the, “Curie-osity" which eventually got him to work for the Harold Washington College newspaper. Nino would create the UIC FLAME newspaper a comic strip called JOE COLLEGE. It wouldn’t be until 1995 when he created his most popular and beloved hero known as the UNBELIEVABLE LAUNDRY DETERGENT MAN, but his soapy hero wouldn’t see publication until 2002.

Nino's original creation back in 1995. 
During this period he had created another comic based on his own partner Ralph, called RALPHY-BOY, but had to stop when his partner found out he had a title character based on his likeness, and threatened to sue Nino, if he did not pay for his likeness, or to hand over the pages. Nino bulked at this idea, so stopped working on this comic project and moved on.

Eventually he would get picked up by Instant Press Comics, who wanted to publish the Ralphy-Boy comic, but Nino would show him designs to the ULDM character, and that is when his hero finally premiered under the umbrella of this publisher. 
This is a actual costume of the ULDM. Nino, has worn it and done many events for the local libraries and schools as he is a celebrity of his hometown. of Chicago. Nino, has been even known to wear this costume at cons. 
Furthermore, Nino would eventually get work from the newspaper, called the NITTY GRITTY NEWS, out of Chicago. That job would eventually land him over at the Chicago Journal. Nino, currently does commissions, pin-ups and sketch cards for fans.

Pages from the next upcoming ULDM issue. 
Nino, has done various covers for a variety of comic publishers, and companies, and has recently drew, GONDOR, SON OF OLYMPUS,” from Grubbmaster studios. 

Nino, continues to work for varying publishers, and is always ready to work. 

Various works done by Nino. 

You can pretty much find him in many cons up and around the country. You want to know more about Nino, and his work you can find him over at Facebook here.

The ULDM knocking me out during a convention, sometime back. Man when I woke up I saw soapy stars. DON'T DRINK SOAP!!

Jake Estrada


  1. I am HUMBLED! Thanks for the write up. : )

    Jose' " Nino " Mesarina.

  2. Woot woot!! What an awesome article. He has talent!! LCH

  3. Nino, glad you enjoyed it buddy. :)

  4. bueno qué puedo decir? Nino es un gran artista!! no sabía mucho de su talento, después que vi sus historietas, veo que tiene una gran habilidad de hacer lo que coloca en su mente, esto es impresionante!! eso que no hablo de otras habilidades o talentos que tiene, como la música y sobre efectos especiales que hace como hobbie en sus momentos libres, no es fácil diseñar como lo hace, no es un juego, es un talento que surge en la memoria y pasa por sus manos y con habilidad creó sus personajes, entre ellos El HOMBRE DETERGENTE!!, vi la habilidad de hacer Batman y Robin, El chalaco si no me equivoco, incluso si lo desea puede como un juego para matar el tiempo diseñar EL INCREIBEL HULK!! Mucho talento mismo!!! mis parabienes Nino, su talento ya es reconocido, y seguirá siendo!!! como dicen en inglés GOOD LUCK !!! MY FRIEND!! Continue con su talento!!!!

  5. Nino is the bomb! ~B.L.A.