Monday, March 11, 2013

Yugioh Card(s) of the Week 3/11/13

Now that you should have gotten the basics of Synchro Monsters this time we will be focusing on some tuners in this installment of the Yugioh Card of the week.  This week we will actually have two featured cards since they are very similar.  Today's card is both Flame and Dark Resonators.  Both cards were used by officer Trudge in Yugioh 5Ds.  However just because these cards were not used by any of the Signers doesn't mean that these cards have no value.  This is because both of their effects can benefit synchro decks greatly.  Flame Resonator will help the synchro monster you summoned by gaining 300 atk points while Dark Resonator will be able to protect itself from one attack to help you summon a synchro monster.  Their effects can be quite handy since they either allow you to summon easier or just give you the boost to beat your opponents.  If you aren't familiar with these cards I think they are a great staple in any synchro deck so if you haven't already check them out.

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