Sunday, April 28, 2013

AZTEC OF THE CITY vs. THE LEGEND OF EL LOBO. Is this a rip-off or what?



Okay I have recently come across some very interesting information about a possible rip-off scenario about a possible Aztec superhero, that has a very similar concept with Fernando Balderas Rodriguez’s comic book called Aztec of the City.

The people that appear to be in direction conflict are a Richard Soto and Bruce Logan whose credits include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Tron and from my preliminary research I would say that Both Soto and Logan’s story for THE LEGEND OF EL LOBO was completely lifted from AZTEC OF THE CITY.

Rodriguez came across a campaign to get money to fund their film and comic book series they wish to release. I am
Richard Soto co-creator of
The Legend of El Lobo.

quite perplexed and left stumped wonder why would these two people rip off Rodriguez’s concept that predates their attempt, and why would they steal and entire concept or were they that oblivious that they were not aware another property already existed or they thought the other property was that small and could push around the little guy? Mmmm?

This is what Rodriguez had to say; “...''A young Latino comic book artist draws a ferocious shape-shifting Aztec “superhero” for the kids of the barrio. The superhero metes out bloody justice on the neighborhood...The young artist is shocked to discover that his superhero has become a reality, and that the comic book mirrors events in the real world...”

Fernando Balderas Rodriguez, creator of AZTEC
The Legend of El Lobo artwork,
created by Richard Soto and Bruce Logan.
Rodriguez said, .” a concept that first appeared in an Aztec of the City script/screenplay registered w writers guild west, June 2010, based on Aztec of the City comic books, copyright DeLilia Images/El Salto Comics, Fernando B. Rodriguez, 1993-2013. all rights reserved...”

Here is Rodriguez's facebook page: AZTEC OF THE CITY

You can go to Soto and Logan's Facebook page: THE LEGEND OF EL LOBO

I don’t know The Legend of El Lobo has to say about this, but I will look forward to hear their side. I do however, question did they do their research?
Bruce Logan co-creator
of The Legend of El Lobo.
 Seeing as Soto is a school Teacher in the LA area, and Rodriguez having done things with the schools over the years, interviews in the LA area it makes you wonder..Mmm? I would like further clarification this matter now?

What do you people out there think? Do you think Aztec and Lobo are similar? Is the fact that the story elements having already been created by Rodriguez and now Soto and Logan reusing these elements in their own comic/movie to similar our am I stretching? You decide. Thanks.

Jake Estrada


  1. while these men continually delete comments at indiegogo, and facebook; advising them of their copyright infringement on my intellectual property, they certainly cannot delete a lawsuit

  2. Yeah. They have yet to contact me, nor have they opened up channels in attempts to try to contact you and open any kind of open dialog. There behavior has been rather poor.

  3. Historical Fiction .... is based on History and folklore

  4. I thought Aztec of the City comics first published stories of an Aztec superhero who fights crime in the barrio of modern L.A. Wasn't that concept originally done by Fernando Rodriguez?

  5. Yes he first published his comic back in the very early 1990's. Has done school functions, given out free comics to the children back in 1993.