Friday, April 26, 2013

Charismagic # 1 (Vol. 2) Review

CHARISMAGIC # 1 (Vol. 2)
Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan & Emilio Lopez
Aspen Comics


            We open to South Central LA where things look normal till out of no where, demons from The Void arrive, ripping through gang bangers like sliced salami. Sudana wakes up screaming from her vision, only to find out that it is true. Hank tries to console her but she definitely feels that Samsun is plotting is way back to Earth while getting help on Earth.

            Meanwhile, we find that the people are helping him are Hector and Allie, who are related to Hank. Sudana talks to Kon over the phone as to figure out what to do as she reveals that she knows about Hector and Allie but has not told Hank about their involvement yet.

            What is worse is that after the call, Hank, Sudana, Sparkles (the cat) and their friend Kenny step out of the casino .. . for a GIANT SNAKE to attack. As this is all going down, we get a horrific ending and look to Allie & Hector’s plan as they drive to …


            Cucca does some really smart and beautiful panel work here. The normal every day and the mystical are smashed together and looking uncomfortable together, which really helps the book. The characters look very defined and different, none looking the same. Cucca and Roslan really flesh out the types of things you can see in this first issue with demonic creatures, gang bangers, mystics and more. The backgrounds look good and there is great use of panels and shots throughout the book that keep the book visually interesting.

            Some artists, I find, do not draw animals well but Sparkles, the mystical simemese cat, was rendered beautifully. Roslan’s strong inks really set things apart and help Lopez blow your minds with wonderous colors. The tone, coloring and impact of each scene was made better through Lopez’s colors. This art team works and works extremely well. I look forward to seeing what else they’ll throw at me next issue and beyond.


            This issue was extremely entertaining. There was characterizations, depth, plots and a nice look into the world of Charismagic. While there is a sense of people reading the first volume would feel better informed, Hernandez reintroduces the characters well in this issue. He does not insult readers intelligence. The gangstas in South Central sound like gangstas in South Central. Kudos on making sure of getting the slang and wording right.
            I love Sudana already for the multi-faceted character that she is in this one issue. You see her deal with her duty to protect the world. You see her wanting to spare pain to Hank. You see her kind of leading things along. I like what we know of Hank already. I love Sprinkles! And Hernandez does this with ease. Readers may not know about the characters but you get the feeling that you will get told as the series goes along.  We get an idea of what the bad guys are up to without being brow beaten with the idea.

            We get just a touch of background of the last series but it does not over dominate … which makes this issue stand as a new # 1. The pacing of the issue was handled well.  Nothing felt that it dragged or went on too long.  Great work from Hernandez.


            Charismagic # 1 was a fun, intriguing, gripping first issue. We get interesting and complex characters. A plot that will connect with the main characters in an emotional level. We have a lot of interesting and epic situations that come out of no where but make sense because it is magic. Fantasy art and strong dialogue. This title is a win-win in my book.


            I’m pretty damn blown away right now. So much so that I give Charismagic # 1 (Vol. 2) a 9.5 … out of 10. Great job. BUY IT WHEN IT COMES OUT MAY 1st!!

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