Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dead Man's Run # 4 Review

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Tony Parker & Wes Hartman
Aspen Comics


            We go through a group of people from different times in Hell … literally. Lead by Sam Tinker who says he knows the way out, the group follows him. Yet, before they could escape Hell, Sam forces them to look for his sister, who was also killed with him. Oddly enough, their murderer is among the group.

            After fighting some children’s nightmares brought to life in the Fifth Circle of Hell, the group encounters a vast amount of children in hell.  While their prey is close by, we get one double cross after another but not in the way you think as Sam plans to lead the group out of Hell … but with his sister in tow.


            Tony Parker delivers some really fearsome and beautiful art for this book. Everyone looks distinct. The inks are strong but not over powering. The panel work is good and consistent. Clean lines with people looking extremely distinct. This book, artistically, has a great balance between detailed and simple. The monsters look horrifying. The People look great. From young to old, Tony Parker really gives you a strong showing.

            And Wes Hartman showers us with great vivid colors. Hell is colorful in a different way and Wes seems to really complement that. Some of the traditional ominous panels, such as the ending, really looks spectacular thanks to Hartman’s colors on top of Parker’s art. Very, very strong showing in this book.


            Greg Pak you magnificent bastard, I read your book and LOVED it. Pak normally seems to really breathes life into characters and always gives you something distinct to latch onto for most, if not all, of them. He brings that again here. I enjoy the different characters in the book. We get some outstanding character moments from Sam and Hachiun. We really see who they are in this issue as Sam makes some choices that make him seem less innocent than the group thought while we see two really big and defining moments with Hachiun once they go into the Fifth Circle of Hell. Pak ties that together nicely as Hachiun gives what could be his last words to Sam in a very deep, profound talk about how Sam really is. We get little character bits from everyone which really enhance what is going on. And the issue’s pacing really holds up.. A great piece by Greg Pak.


            A great concept with superb execution from Pak, Parker & Hartman. Pak blends elements of horror well with a gritty prison drama that makes this enjoyable to read Dead Man’s Run really stands out amongst other comics with its concept and interesting characters while having strong art to display it.


            I give Dead Man’s Run a 9 out of 10. Pick it up NOW !

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