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Legends of Power, WEEK # 39 - The Most Infamous Line In Ranger History

Trouble by the Slice
Power Rangers Turbo

   This episode, is by far, the epitome of its so bad its good in the entire franchise. Possibly in all of Tokusatsu. For those of you who do not know what I mean ... this episode has become extremely infamous amongst fandom because of what happens in the episode and most importantly ... 1 particular quote. We'll get into that.

    The episode has Divatox getting amnesia and working at a pizza parlor. Porto sends Mad Mike to search for her and to cause trouble ... with pizza. (ah ha. I know some of you are remembering which episode now).

   The Rangers (led by TJ) go to take on Mad Mike. But Mad Mike proves to be . ... (Laughing out loud) I am sorry. When the Rangers meet Mad Mike. hahahahhahahhahahhahaha

 -skipping to next scene-

   Well, Mad Mike not only takes control of Storm Blaster and Lightning Crusier with ... 8 pizzas ... I am dead serious. 4 per vehicle. And the Rangers ... get baked into a pizza. I'm not kidding. LOOK!

 So the Rangers have been backed into a pizza. Lightning Crusier & Storm Blaster are taken over by pizzas. And there have been lots of bad puns. Yet, here comes Blue Centurion to the rescue ... who uses a signal light to stop the two living cars and free them from Mad Mike's spell.

 Yes. This happened. No. I am not kidding.

  Blue Centurion frees the Rangers and the Turbo Ranger use the Turbine Laser for the first time against Mad Mike ... and it fails. Which we then get this lovely retort from the Rangers & Blue Centurion:

Red: Nuts! 
Blue: Rats!
Green: Drat!
 Yellow: Curses!
Pink: Phooey!
 Blue Senturion: Uhh, Fiddlesticks!

Yep. They said that. Divatox gets her memory back, she grows Mad Mike big, our heroes kill Mad Mike. End of episode.

 Though what I skipped before ... hehehe ... when the Turbo Rangers showed .... up the first ...hehehehhehehhe ... Just listen to it for your selves.

Yes. You did hear the words from TJ:  
We're Here to Toss Your Salad.

*laughs uncontrollably*

 Add that to the fact ... hehehehehhe .... that Carlos said before TJ said his now infamous line: "I had just enough pepperoni and mushroom for today." while moving his hands up and own like he was holding balls on each hand.

*laughs uncontrollably again*


    Okay. This was a filler ep. This was a bad filler ep because of all the silliness and craziness they used from the Carranger footage. But, I give it to Judd Lynn. He wrote one of the most out there episodes with this and made it entertaining.  Is it good story? No. Does it know it's not a good story? Yes.

   And this episode just has great quote after great quote but TJ's still takes the cake! By far, every ranger fan who has seen old school and even newer fans KNOW about TJ's now infamous exclamation. Sex and Pizza were injected hard into this kid show.


   The fact that Centurion freed the mind controlled sentient cars with signal lights is completely insane. The RANGERS WERE BAKED INTO A PIZZA. Not one of the Ranger's greatest moments but in a way it is. We got a hilariously awful episode made watchable because of innuendo and great voice work by the cast. And the Rangers were baked into a pizza. The actors were hamming it up but they did a good job of making the best of what they had ... by making it gloriously awful. With insanity that comes from being baked into a pizza and infamous lines that will live on forever in Ranger Legend, # 39 spot shifts Turbo ... into a pizza after Tossing some Salad.  *laughs*

That's all we got for this week. Till Next Week, May the Power Protect You.

NEXT WEEK: Team up Fever!

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