Monday, April 15, 2013

Match of the Month #1: 3 Way Tag Team Ladder Match

In a new segment here on The Broken Infinite, I, TWK(of TWK Reviews) will be showcasing some not so well known matches in the world of wrestling. They may be from America, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Europe, etc. The point is, there will be rad wrestling and you will love it.

The first match is from an independent organization local to me: Vanguard Championship Wrestling and, as the title states, is a 3 way tag team ladder match for the tag team titles from 2010. The reason I chose this match is for how good the psychology is. The only way to win is to climb the ladder and retrieve the belts with your ladder. This plays a very important part of the finish of the match and is done quite well.

Now, for a background on the teams.

TEAM ONE: THE HALL-STARS (Ross and James Hall) - 2 Rockstar Brothers who utilize high-flying tactics, but aren't afraid to break every rule in the book to get that W. They were the top babyface tag-team until 2007 when they turned their back on the VCW faithful and began putting out hit after hit. They are also one of the most decorated tag-teams in VCW, winning the belts more than any other team.

TEAM TWO: THE SET (Lance Lude and J-Sinn) - When it comes to wrestling an unorthodox style, The Set does it in spades. Their unique tag-team offense has made them on of the top tag-teams in not just VCW, but within the state of Virginia. They even had a few matches with ROH including matches with the Briscoes and the Kings of Wrestling.

TEAM THREE: Phil Brown and The Reason - Phil Brown is a multi-time VCW Heavyweight Champion, but not usually one for tag-team wrestling. He was teaming with The Reason a bit at this point, but their experience as a tag-team pails in comparison to the other teams so they have a lot to prove in this match.

Without any further delay, here is the amazing awesomeness brought to you by Vanguard Championship Wrestling.

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