Sunday, April 7, 2013

SHADOWMAN # 6 Review

Written by Justin Jordon & Patrick Zircher
Art by Patrick Zircher, Lee Garbett, Neil Edwards, Brian Reber & Guy Major
Valiant Comics


            This issue opens with Baron Samedi chatting away with Darque who gives the god an interesting offer. We go back to Samedi’s faithful follower who then  … HOLY SHIT!  Um … excuse me. Was NOT expecting that.

            Um … moving on. Jack and Alyssa shake down some drug dealers dealing with a drug that forces nightmares on people while giving pleasure. Yes, readers. The twisted continues. The new Dr. Mirage pays Dox a visit as he does not welcome her with open arms but  she tells him that there are an infestation of spirits cause Baron Samedi is on Earth.

            Alyssa, in the meantime, brings Jack to the graveyard where his waitress, who we met back in issue #1 is buried to give him closure. After he talks to her gravestone, Baron Samedi shows up … and raise the dead … including the waitress. Yep. Zombies. Shadowman and Alyssa try to fight them and Baron Samedi but it is seemingly futile as we are left with another twist at the end of this issue.


            Okay. I didn’t think I would have to say this about this title. At least not yet. But … the art was good, not great. Zircher definitely delivers explosive, gripping panels. He continues giving the best work of his career here. Garbett style is very different yet still very good and fighting for a bigger portion of the issue. Meanwhile, Neil Edwards art is also different and okay with the thinner lines. But that is my issue with the art. Last issue, it worked well for the title. This issue, it gives it too much of a shellshock. Edwards style is somewhat similar to Garbett but there seems to be an energy missing. It could be from the distinct differences in style. It could be cause of the issue colored with some darker tones in some place … which works from both Reber and Major. Yet, this issue, artistically feels off.

            And while this is the last issue from Zircher, who leaves us with a breath taking panel work … I wish we got more energy from Garbett and Edwards. Garbett the energy is getting there while Edwards was interesting but … the art felt too different that it threw the issue off.


            Okay. I will make this short and sweet. The writing for this was SUPERB. A lot happened in this issue but Jordon and Zircher make it fit so well. Great characterizations were given as we see that Dox is not always happy with Allies, we still have an air of mystery to Dr. Mirage, Jack and Alyssa continue to be the heart of the book. And this book gave me several HOLY SHIT moments. A job well done by the writers.


            Honestly, this is a great issue but the multiple artists actually work against it rather than for it like it did last issue. Garbett is starting to show his potential but the energy didn’t seem to be there as much as it was last issue. Edwards was okay but ultimately, Zircher’s strong pencils and different art styles bogged down the issue. Otherwise, no real other issue.


            While the multiple art styles bring this issue down, the writing really brings the issue up. This originally was gonna get a 7 but the writing and coloring  really shot this issue up. I give Shadowman # 6 an 8 out of 10. Definitely get it but be prepared for some shell shock. Still, read it now!

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