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The Beckett Show-Spring Fever Part 1

I just had to use this screen-cap, totally worth it. Anyway it's time to take a look at the Spring anime series. We have a lot so I decided to split this up into two posts. This week in The Beckett Show there will be news and short brief previews of Devil Survivor 2, Flowers of Evil, Attack on Titan and Majestic Prince. Ladies and Gents welcome to The Beckett Show.

Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection: All the games you probably already have and then some.
Earlier this month Hideo Kojima teased box art of a new Metal Gear Solid collection. Now it’s being confirmed that the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection is being released for the PS3 in June. This collection is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. The box set features the following:
  • Metal Gear Solid 1 (PSX version)
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 HD
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 HD (also included is Metal Gear 1 and 2)
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Edition
  • Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
  • And the two Metal Gear Solid graphic novels illustrated by Ashley Wood.
Added to the mix is Metal Gear Solid VR Missions, and also the graphic novels add a nice touch to the collection. Still no word yet on how much the Legacy Collection costs but I’m looking forward to it. I've only played VR Missions once and I hardly remember anything that happened. I remember playing as Gray Fox and slicing people up, but that’s about it. 

HBO is looking at making Monster come to life.

In what is considered ‘surprising news’ HBO is teaming up with director Guillermo del Toro in developing a live action adaptation of Monster, Naoki Urasawa’s popular manga series. Del Toro will co-write the story with Steven Thompson (previous credits include Doctor Who and Sherlock). Thompson is writing the pilot while Del Toro is working as director. 

Monster follows the story of Doctor Tenma and his controversial decision to save a 12 year old boy’s life over the mayor’s, which leads to him losing everything. 12 years later he gets caught up in a conspiracy and becomes a suspect for a murder while the little boy he saved becomes a murderer. 

I think this would be a hit for HBO, Monster does have the story that can contend with some of the big series from HBO (Boardwalk Empire and Newsroom). It could also give Game of Thrones a run for its money. I am really curious though how it would work as a series and how they would work the season finales. Monster was a long manga and anime series and if they work it correctly I can see this running for about 2-3 seasons. Good job HBO, this gives me a reason to forgive you for cancelling my favorite show.

time for the anime...

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

Is this based off the popular Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 video game?
  • Seeing as they share the same name, I would assume so. 

Quick synopsis.
  • There is a current fad going around where it shows your death, best friend character signs main character up, bad things happen and main character and friend dies. RESET! Main character and friend didn’t die and now they have these demon allies, in comes the strong female side character and they destroy said demons. The world is ending, a group appears that is trying to prevent this event from happening and they need help from these teens of justice. Also the main character speaks.
Bwuh?!!?!? But aren’t most of the heroes in Shin Megami Tensei games mute?
  • Exactly. 

Overall, how does the series fare?
  • It’s actually really enjoyable. I’ve never played the games before so I don’t know if they’re following the formula correctly (which I’m assuming they aren’t). It does get boring during some bits, the characters do tend to fall to their cliches but it’s very solid. Also I think this series is planning on killing off characters. So yeah, it’s good.

Would you recommend this series?
  • If you’re an Atlus fan, proceed with caution. If you’re looking for something to hook you in then yes. It’s enjoyable but a little predictable…what more could you ask for? Disclaimer: Fanbase strongly disapproves of this anime.

Why didn’t they do a series over the first Devil Survivor game?
  • I don’t know. Why did they feel the need to make Persona Trinity Soul?
Flowers of Evil

What’s this series about?
  • A teenager by the name of Kasuga has a crush on a girl named Saiki. He is also an avid reader of classic books and poetry. He is currently reading ‘Les Fleurs du mal’ (Flowers of Evil) by Baudelaire. One day Kasuga leaves his book in the classroom and when he goes to retrieve it he finds Saiki’s gym uniform. On impulse, he steals her uniform. Then the madness starts to happen.

Sounds like a lot of those cliche high school anime series that we see 50 times a year.
  • You would think that, but this takes a different approach. In most of the anime series that focus on this, a situation like this would be considered funny. But this series is 100% serious. It’s not like anything that is out right now. First off the art work helps set the mood, it’s not animated like you would think. The animation for this series was kept tight lipped until the first episode came out. It is certainly worth looking at.

Would you recommend this series to everyone?
  • I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone mainly because some people would be put off by the animation style. But if you’re looking for something that strays from the norm, then Flowers of Evil would be that series you are looking for.

Anything else worth mentioning?
  • You will feel for everything the main character is going through. It’s intense and it will probably make you uncomfortable. The ending theme is freaky and the psychological aspect to this anime is perfect.

Attack on Titan

What is it about?
  • It’s about these enormous creatures, called Titans, who invade humanity. So humanity builds these walls hoping it could stop the advancing attacks. It does for a little while then they attack again. The story follows these 3 teenagers who join the military to kill these giants.
Is Attack on Titan really the best series this season?
  • It certainly is one of the better series out there.
How do you attack a Titan?
  • The military uses these really cool projectile grappling hook things that attach to trees and slingshots the user. There are lots of fighting air acrobatics involved. 
Does it help in the…Attack on TITANS?
  • No, I see a lot of problems in the grappling hooks. Mankind is really bad at maneuvering amongst the trees, plus they are moving way to fast. The end result is getting eaten, which leads to death.
Should you worry about this series?
  • Yes. It’s a weird mix of Berserk meets Claymore which actually works out real nice whenever you see the series in action.
Majestic Prince

What is Majestic Prince and is it ‘majestic’?
  • Majestic Prince follows the exploits of The Rabbits. They’re a group of five genetically enhanced teenagers who are part of the MJP (Military Junior Pre-Academy) project. They are outfitted with mechs that have the Juria System (basically the robot feels the same emotions as the pilot). Did I mention that they fight aliens? Did I mention they suck at everything?
  • And no it’s not majestic by any means. 
Is there anything notable about Majestic Prince or is it just another mech series?
  • I had hopes for it and then Gangantia and Valvrave came along.
Why does it look and sound like another Gundam Seed rip-off?
  • Because it is. 
Last impressions?
  • Hisashi Hirai knows how to make a mech series look mediocre.
Would you recomm-
  • No. be continued. 

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