Friday, May 3, 2013

Advanced Review: Molly Danger/Princeless FCBD Issue

Free Comic Book Day Issue

Molly Danger Story
Written by Jamal Igle
Art by Jamal Igle, Juan Castro & Romulo Fajardo Jr

Princeless Story
Written by Jeremy Whitley
Art by Emily C. Martin & Soojin Paek

Action Lab Entertainment


            Since there are 2 stories in here, I will just give a brief overview of both of them. First, we have the much anticipated Molly Danger story from Jamal Igle that introduces us to Molly Danger and her world. We get greeted to Coopersville for the first time as it is under attack by a villain named Medula: a villain who had his brain put into a robotic body because he believes flesh is a trap. (WOW! Was NOT expecting that)

            We see Molly Danger spring into action alongside members of D.A.R.T.s agains Medula and his Giant Mech. Molly wants to have a little “chat” with Medula but he wants to free people of their flesh instead.

            Then the second story is a Princeless story from creator Jeremy Whitley. As Adrienne and Bedelia head into another city with a dragon, they find another “princess” locked in a tower. Adrienne decides to save her while Bedelia seems slightly annoyed by this at the beginning. What ends up happening is Adrienne gets into a fight with a knight who does not think high of women while Bedelia works on getting the “princess” Raven out of the tower.


            Right off the bat, we got 2 styles with 2 very different looks and stories. Yet, this works extremely well for each story. I will look at each story individually.

            Molly Danger’s story is, by far, some of the best art I have seen from Jamal Igle ever. There is a lot of energy. The lines are nice and clean. The backgrounds nice and detailed. The characters are all distinct and full of energy and flare. Emotions are easily and beautifully conveyed through Igle’s pencils and Castro’s inks.  Medula is menacing in a way that will stay with you but not gross. Molly is just a wonderful character. She makes quite an impression with this story as we see her strength and emotion rendered exquisitely. Castro may be one of Igle’s best inkers he’s ever worked with and the coloring job by Fajarbo Jr was amazing. Igle’s work never looked so good. Hell …this is certainly one of the best looking comic book stories I have seen in the last 5 years. Kudos to Igle, Castro & Fajarbo Jr.

            Emily C. Martin brings us a different style in Princeless. There are definite anime influences in her work and it really comes out well in her art. The inks are a little heavy but work well with Martin’s style. The women look strong and beautiful while the men look fairly strong themselves. Martin captures the arrogance of Zachary perfectly. She also renders the action and emotions of the panels well. This is a wonderous fantasy world and she makes sure we know it. Adrienne’s armor looks great on her, making her look strong and noble. And the colors from Paek really shine, making Martin’s art even better. Between Princesses, battles and a dragon …. Martin and Paek grip you with this story.


            Jamal Igle proves himself not just a fantastic artist but a very smart, mature writer. Molly Danger, on the outside, could be conceived as  something only for children. But Igle makes sure that isn’t true with this story. We have a villain who wants to rid people of their flesh bodies and embrace machines. We have an organization trying to make sure they keep collateral damage to a minimum. We have a group of D.A.R.T.s  soldiers who all have rolls in this battle. And we have a new heroine who is not what see seems. The dialogue within the story felt very really, nothing forced. Even Medula’s villain speech was quite a treat as he seemed to have this almost religious affinity for man to have their bodies destroyed and replaced with robotics.

            Molly may look young but there is a definite air of experience with her. Igle is not afraid to show her vulnerability in this story was well …which really helps readers connect with the character in a whole different way. I already want to know more about Molly, Coopersville, D.A.R.T.S , her rogues gallery, her mother and her world. This is my first Molly Danger story I have read and I already love the character. It is a testament to Igle’s creative avant garde that is Molly Danger and his writing. This is a labor of love and it shows and I look forward to so much more of it.

            Jeremy Whitley has always been a great writer. He really steps it up as we get to see Adrienne saving a “Princess” because it’s the right thing to do. There is a nobility that is an underlining theme in this story. And it is great to see. Adrienne and Bedelia are both capable woman. And I love that Whitley tackles the stereo types that women are supposed to be in the kitchen or are weak and that they should not fight. This story shows women being as smart … if not smarter … than some men and can fight just as well as men. I love the statements about equality and women are not all sex objects that he makes here. I enjoy Raven. I love Raven so much that I hope to see more of her in the future. There could be makings of an all female, RPG type party happening and I would love to see that.  With great, smart dialogue and wonderful pacing, this story was a treat to read.


            Let me say this now …THIS is the book EVERYONE should get on Free Comic Book Day. I mean everyone. You. Your mom. Your kids. Your friends. Your dad. Your grandma. Your co-workers. Other writers and artists in the comic book and/or animation business. This has something for everyone. I IMPLORE you to pick this up on Free Comic Book Day. The art is fantastic. The writing is top notch. And it’s Free. This should have a price tag and it doesn’t. That is a great statement of the quality of not only these properties but of Action Labs itself.


  Okay. I am gonna do this in 2 ways. 1 rating for each individual story then an over all rating for the entire book.

    Honestly, Molly Danger story gets a 10 out of 10. If you do not read this story, you are hurting your own soul.

   Princeless short story is a 9 out of 10. We get such great quality story with great art and wonderful themes. And God, I want more of Raven, Bedelia and Adrienne together. And it is an attack on humanity if you don’t read

            Obviously, since you got a 10 and a 9 for each story, this FCBD book gets a 9.5 out of 10. You go to the story and get this book. You get every single copy of it. Then you send it to your family and friends and pass it along. This is a book that EVERYONE needs to own!  And that’s it for me. 

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