Friday, May 3, 2013

Advanced Review: NFL Rush Zone FCBD Issue

Free Comic Book Day Issue
Written by Kevin Freeman
Art by M. Goodwin & Bill Blankenship
Action Labs Entertainment


            Ish and his family have relocated to Canton, OH … the site of the Football Hall of Fame. Shortly after settling in, Ish is called into action, getting transported to California to face off against some Blitz Botz (yes, that is how it’s spelled).

            Ish tries to beat down some Blitz Botz with the 49ers Rusher but brute force does not seem to cut it. Ish finds that sometimes, he’s gonna need to use his brain instead of brawn to get the job done.


            I have enjoyed M. Goodwin’s art this issue. The lines are nice and clean. The panel work flows well. I honestly enjoy this art more than the actual animation art for the show. There is a life and excitement that Goodwin captures from the show and multiplies it by 10. And while animation will always be Animation, it is good to see Ish, the Rushers and Blitz Botz done extremely well.

            Bill Blankenship’s colors explode Goodwin’s pencils and inks. There is a great use of color that works not only for the comic and its story, but in comparison to the pallet of the show. Characters look defined. Blitz Botz look menacing. Ish looks like a kid but still looks heroic as he puts on his Guardian gear. Kudos to the art team in this.


            Freeman scripts a great issue here. It does a lot for a book that is a Free Comic Book Day issue. It tells a story. Gives you an idea of the background of the characters without going into the normal way of telling origins. It gives you our hero and villains easily enough. It establishes the theme and importance of our hero and what he does. And grabs readers to take a look into their world.

            Freeman does this and does this well. We get 2 battles in this issue which are paced well. This issue does not seem short like many other Free Comic Book Day issues of the past. And Freeman has a strong grip on the voice of the characters from NFL Rush Zone. People who are not fans of the show will quickly understand what’s going on. People who are fans of the show will enjoy this jumping on point (which Freeman makes) as a great companion to the show.

            And I loved how easily Freeman was able to interject a lesson while not being preachy. The issue leaves you intrigued and entertained. A good job by Freeman.


            We get a strong showing in this adaption of an animated property. It’s fun. It’s well written, well drawn. It’s full of life. And it teaches a lesson without talking down to the reader. While I was not completely floored and I do enjoy the art here than I do of the actual animation. Still, this definitely makes a great companion and wonderful read.


            I give NFL RUSH ZONE Free Comic Book Day Issue an 8.5 out of 10. Good stuff. Grab it on Free Comic Book Day.

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