Friday, May 24, 2013

Charismagic (Vol 2) # 2 Review

CHARISMAGIC  (Vol 2.) # 2
Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan & Emilio Lopez
Aspen Comics


            This issue picks up with Hector and Alle inside the San Marina Nuclear Power plant to use its power to summon a powerful magical beast … a lion known as Torgan. Torgan is tasked by Hector, Alle and Serke to search for 2 very different things.

            Meanwhile, with all the chaos in the world, Sudana and Sparkles split up from Hank and Kenny, who must looking for something mystical … in a graveyard. Sudana and Sparkles end up in an old theater with …GIANT SPIDERS!!! 

            A surprise alliance is spoke of and as Kenny  and Hank talk about how magic makes Hank different from a normal human … we end with them getting a horrifying face to face with Torgan.


            Cucca and Roslan deliver their A game again in this issue. The backgrounds were detailed and distinctive. Sudana was beautiful and looked powerful. Alle looks even more threatening then she did last issue. Emotion is convey superbly though Cucca’s & Roslan’s art. Things that are magical are majestic while the mudane looks good but just that … mundane.

            This issue amped up the kinds of people and things we see and Cucca and Roslan deliever it with class and style. Clean lines. Great detail without being overly detailed. Lopez’s colors seal the deal with beautiful vivid colors when needed. Lopez obviously knew this issue had a darker tone and a sense of ominous as his colors really puts that on display, going for slightly darker shades but not being too dark.

             A really strong showing that will captivate your eyes through many panels throughout the issue. Well done by the artistic team. 



            Hernandez loves what he does in this book and you can tell. Quiet moments are impactful and don’t feel forced. There is a lot of humanity this issue that make you think about the nature of magic compared to the nature of regular humans. It was also great from Hernandez to touch on that throughout the issue without being overly preachy or over doing it through Hector, Hank and Kenny.

            The main plot itself is gripping and interesting. With Serke, Alle and Hector making their moves against Earth, Sudana, Hank and company are doing all they can to fight back the invading demons. And while the plot has been done to death, Hernandez breathes new life into it with how the characters are going about their actions and the sheer variety of characters we see.

            We see Haven this issue which was a surprise to me to be a fairy. A male fairy at that. Not something you see all the time. And the dialogue feels very real, especially the conversations Hank and Kenny have this issue about how Hank feels about having magic. There was a great authenticity to the exchanges. 

            The overall pacing was great. Alle is turning into one grade A bitch of a villainess while we see Hector still wanting to keep his humanity, making him even more compelling. Hernandez lays down enough ground work this issue to allow for so many things to come. And the cliffhanger was perfect. Really great job by Hernandez.


             Great art. Strong, believable and consistent writing. Entertaining exchanges. Great assortment of characters. Wonderous beings amist the mundane and blending that well. A great issue all around.


            I give Charismagic (Vol 2.) # 2 a 9 out of 10. Really great issue. Get it when it comes out June 5th … or if you are at Phoenix Comic Con, this weekend from the guys over at Aspen

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