Monday, May 20, 2013

Darkonslaught Productions: Power Rangers Legacy Megazord Review

In celebration for the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers Bandai released a new Version of the 2k10 megazord with an even more accurate paint and die-cast parts.  Bandai even took it a step further and made a replica of the original box to go along with it.  The die-cast parts help make it weight and is a nice touch since even the original 93 version didn't have that.  However, they should have thought to fix up the hand so that the sword handle didn't get the chrome scraped off but oh well.  Hopefully they will re-release the 2k10 Titanus along with a dragonzord so that a legacy ultrazord can be formed but only time will tell. Oh I forgot to mention in the video that it is a Toysrus Exclusive so if you want to get one you will need to check there.

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