Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fathom (Vol.4) # 9 Review

FATHOM (Vol. 4) # 9
Written by David Wohl
Art by Alex Konat & Beth Sotelo
Aspen Comics


            Mr. Nakamura has been “dealt” with as a being of the Blue has come to possess
Aspen’s friend, Judith. Now, the possess Judith faces off against Aspen as our heroine does her best to save not only her friend Colin and Nakumara’s assistant, Midori … but eventual Judith herself.

            The showdown leads to some big changes as Aspen finds herself in a fight for her life in the body of a friend.


            Konat drives in some wonderful pencils and inks this issue as we get a stunning, underwater/underground battle between “possessed” Judith and Aspen. Konat brings his A game with some really inspired pieces and panel work throughout the entire issue. There is a lot of Michael Turner-influence in his work yet there is a bit more detail here and there that makes Konat stand out.

            The medium inks really help bring out the best of Konat’s pencils as the characters look wonderful. Konat also has a great sense of style and composition as the panels are giving in some pretty dynamic angles that we see rarely in comics. Add Beth Sotelo’s colors to add life, mood and vibrance to really enhance Konat and you have yourself a well-drawn comic. The dark hues really worked for the ominous mood of the final battle. Kudos to the art team for a great job.


            This issue definitely is for those who have been following the whole time and the pay off really works. We get a personal, climatic final battle as well as Aspen closing this chapter of her life. Wohl really brings a sense of “this is the end of an era” during this issue.

            Aspen has definitely come a long way and this issue, we see a woman who is strong and ready to take the world. Wohl does not spend much time with Colin this issue as there is a focus on Judith, which is sad. Yet, we do get to see Aspen say goodbye to both Judith and Colin which felt fulfilling. Aspen ends up saying a few more goodbyes as she realizes that she has come to the next stage of her life. Wohl gives readers a woman looking forward after she finished what she needed to do.

              The battle was great. And I do like that Wohl has Aspen say goodbye to several people. Yet I think the battle seemed to over take it. Still overall, It was a good issue.


            I believe this issue really focused on saying goodbye. We got a good climatic battle between “possessed” Judith and Aspen, we got to see Aspen say her goodbyes and the end of the status quo. Wohl makes a nice ending that if anyone wanted to jump off could but at the same time, got you excited for the future. Konat and Sotelo’s art really grips you. Yet, I think the majority of the issue focused more on the battle than goodbye … making it seemingly a little unbalanced. Still, a good issue.


            Fathom (Vol. 4) # 9 gets a 7 out of 10. It’s good with great character pieces but a little shaky. Still, definitely pick it up as it is a major ending in Aspen’s life and a good read.

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