Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Favorite pokemon Songs: Part 1

Favorite Evolution Themes

Pokémon had a brief moment of time where it fell out of my life, but it's back now and I've noticed that the music is completely awesome. I've been procrastinating on this list for a while now, but here it is, the Pokémon Evolution themes in order from least favorite to my absolute favorite song.
7.) Coming in at last place is the evolution theme from Generation 1 (Red, Blue, and Yellow.
I grew up with this generation of Pokémon the TV show, games, and movies. I had Pokémon Yellow when I was fairly little, before I really understood there's a lot more to the game than meets the eye. As a result of that, I struggled to play through this game. I never had friends who had link cables so I never traded with anyone other than siblings if they would even trade with me. There's a lot of nostalgia connected to the music in this and I put it in last place because even as a child, the music bothered me. I know they had limited software to work with and other people will disagree and say that Gen 1 is the best. Every generation has its flaws and for me one particular flaw was this song. It has nothing to do with the technology available at the time; I am going on how I reacted to hearing it over and over again. It wasn't often a Pokémon evolved, it made me happy to see the evolution, but on this list the evolution theme comes in last.
6.) At number six sits the theme from Gold, Silver, and Crystal aka Generation 2.
I never played this game, but other family members did. I have no emotional attachment to it so it should have gone below Gen 1, if this list was based off nostalgia it would be below Gen 1. With time comes improvements and more money, with the giant success of Gen 1 the developers were most likely able to compose the score for Generation 2 on better equipment, but that doesn't always mean it will sound better. However in this case it does because I like it more than Gen 1.
5.) Black and White's evolution theme is the number five pick for favorite themes. Originally HeartGold and SoulSilver took this spot, but due to the fact it sounds like it doesn't care Gen 5's evolution music was docked a point. I don't like how relaxed it feels, evolution is exciting! Depending on the type, its evolution level could be at like 30. That's a damn long time to be training a Pokémon and gathering badges. Black and White's song sounds like it doesn't really care about hyping up the player for their Pokémon changing form. 
4.) Deciding between HeartGold/SoulSilver and Diamond/Pear/Platinum's music was a hard thing to do. They have equally great evolution songs, but Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum's evolution song took the number four spot. It doesn't have the same pulse to it as HeartGold and SoulSilver. 

I feel like it suffers from a lack of caring. I mean it sounds great but it just could be slightly better. Even though it has something missing to it, it is only a hair better than Black and White's evolution theme. 
3.) Number three goes to HeartGold and SoulSilver. Everything in this song is just perfect. I especially like the electric drums used in this song. The beat (despite it being the same as the original one from Gen 1) seems livelier in this version. I think I hit the replay button on this at least five times more after I finished making my points because I liked listening to it. 
Gen 4 is in competition with Gen 3 for best music overall in a Pokémon series, as in if I had to put them on a list of overall songs I think they'd be tied. I also don't own these games but I love listening to video game music sometimes. I find myself listening to both Gen 4 and Gen 3 on a regular basis.
2.) After skipping a generation I received Ruby and Sapphire. I loved the hell out of those games. I loved everything about it, except for the first time I ever played Ruby version it took forever to beat anything! I don't know what was so hard about it the first time I had it (the game was eventually stolen along with my red Gameboy Advance SP but then Christmases and birthdays happened and I owned new Pokémon games and a blue SP) but then when I played Sapphire it was easy.
I know I knocked Black and White before for how it felt slow and uncaring, but that was because it felt like it didn't care. Gen 3's song does the slow and caring aspect perfectly. It fills the listener with a slow anticipation which Black and White failed to do and that's why it is better than Gen 5's song.
1.) I love it and I love Pokémon Black and White 2's song just as much, it was very hard for me to knock it down to the number 2 spot. I thought since I looked past my nostalgia for Gen 1 then I could do it for Gen 3. When I put that nostalgia aside, Pokémon Black and White 2 took the number one spot on my list. 
Pokémon Black and White 2 has the best evolution theme. At first I thought Gen 3 had the better start to their song, but then Gen 6 just keeps building and building. Gen 3 doesn't really do that. Gen 3 kind of just starts out happy and fanfare-ish and stays that way. That's great and all, but with B&W2 I felt there was a little more suspense put into the song. It only beat out Gen 3 by a tiny hair, if I hadn't taken my nostalgia and fangirl goggles Gen 3 would most likely be in the top spot.

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