Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Legends of Power, WEEK # 34: I Wouldn't Want To Be A Power Ranger Anyway ...Sike!

Protect the Quasar Saber
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

     This episode broke so many things we knew about Power Rangers while connecting it to Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. First off, this is the episode after the first death of a Power Ranger, Kendrix. And while death was no longer something new to Power Rangers (we'll get to that eventually), this was big. The Power Rangers had faced off against the Psycho Rangers ... and won ... but not without a casualty.

 Kendrix Morgan has died and her Quasar Saber went off into space. Maya has a vision from Kendrix about her Quasar Saber and tells her where it is. Meanwhile, Trakeena and her court are searching for it as Villamax tells her he knows where it will end up.

  We head to the planet Onyx ... yup. Onyx. The alien, wild west planet. At an auction, someone has presented the Quasar Saber for sale. And after a few bids, a familar woman clad in leather turns around to give her bid ... but takes it back and threatens their lives. It is Astronema ... with black wig and original outfit. The auctioneer, as well as most of the beings there, are scared out of their mind as Astromena is merely handed the sword. Before she can walk out, Astronema is revealed as Karone by Trakeena and a battle starts between Astromena & some Sting Wingers. Karone runs after losing her wig .... and changing her clothes.

    Karone ends up fighting Trakeena as the other Galaxy Rangers arrive. Trakeena actually pushes Karone to the edge as Karone fights with the Saber. Trakeena ends up sending Karone over a cliff. As it seems that the Rangers will lose and Karone is gonna die ... Kendrix's ghost ... in ranger uniform appears ... catches her ... and flies Karone. Karone is told to be the new Pink Galaxy Ranger and gets a transmorpher from Kendrix. Kendrix flies to heaven then Karone returns to battle. She kicks away Trakeena then raises the Saber. And thus a new Pink Galaxy Ranger is born.

   Karone is embraced on the team.

    This episode was definitely one of the best in the franchise's history. We got some great characterization from Maya, Trakeena and Karone. Melody Perkins really shined as a remorseful Karone in this episode as well as showed her acting chops as Astronema. It was great seeing Karone having come so far and having her fight Trakeena, who seems to be a dark mirror to her. While Karone turned back from the darkness, Trakeena has been embracing it more and more.And also, this episode also presented Trakeena with might have been her second greatest victory. She almost succeed in killing Karone, taking the Quasar Saber and having her army defeat the rangers.

     Maya continues to have visions and deals with her mourning of Kendrix. Maya is the one who is visibly most shaken by losing Kendrix and this episode displays that. The battle had high stakes. The Rangers were nearly  defeated. And a good consistent nod, Karone had to raise her sword first.

    Why is this 34? Well ... we see very little of  Leo, Kai & Damon. No sign of Mike. We didn't even get to see Mike mourn. And Mike doesn't show up with the others as they battle Trakeena's monsters.

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