Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rolling Review (Redux): Mini-Pla Ika DaiKai-Oh Set

Redux Review: Mini-Pla Ika DaiKai-Oh

Ebi Origami/DaiKai-Oh or Clawzord, is a popular Mecha among fans whether it be DX, RetroFire, or a Mini-Pla. This Mini-Pla set has it all! Ika Origami/ Octozord, is able to combine with the Shinken-Oh or DaiKai-Oh figures along with form the IkaTenku Buster with DaiTenku. As for the Ebi Origami/DaiKai-Oh, it has several points of articulation and is able to use all four face change modes, allowing to go North, South, East and West! It'll becoming the Ultimate Compass of Destruction!!

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