Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saga # 12 Review (Mature Content Warning)

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT in Review. You have been warned. 

SAGA # 12
Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples
Image Comics


   While we don’t realize it at first, the book opens with a flash back of Robot IV when he was wounded. And OH MY GOD … is that … wow. Okay! Yeah. Robot IV has an interesting subconscious.

            After he wakes up from the flashback/dream, Robot IV gets hounded about finding his prey, Alana, hubby & child, or else. So, he goes to a backwards planet to talk to the author of a book that inspired Alana in the first place. And what starts out as an interesting talk about a writer throwing something together to get paid gets darker and darker as the discussion goes along.

  And as with the beginning of the issue, the end of the issue leaves us with a twist.


            Fiona Staples is one of the greatest artist of our generation and this issue continues to show why. From quiet, intimate moments such as Robot IV talking to the writer, Mister Heist to the grand opening which has … Robot IV’s television face showing a man …having vivid, oral sex with another man … to a mouse looking medic getting his head blown apart because of gas .. . Staples draws it all with class and style that few other artist I have seen.

            The pencils and inks are smooth. There is enough detail that everyone is distinct. The backgrounds are varied and lush, although a little lacking for this one issue when Robot IV visits Heist. There is emotion in the movements of Robot IV and the faces of Heist that encapsulate the emotions of the subject matter. And the colors just amplify Staples work even more. A wonderful job by Staples in this book.


            Vaughan writes a book that is full of multiple layers and wonderous characters and Saga is no different. This issue really spotlights a lot on Robot IV. We are finding that there is far more to him than we original suspected. From his discussion with Heist, to his dream/flashback of him nearly dying, to possible self loathing issues from his time in combat or even, as the 2 screens may hint, him being gay … Robot IV really shines as a character. He’s very easy to talk to. Intelligent. Feels very duty bound but at the same time, seemingly does not enjoy his station.

            Heist provides an eerie window to both authors who do stuff to get by while also making statements on parents of former soldiers who end up dying or killing themselves due to the horrors of war. Vaughan flawlessly brings about this conversation as it provides great exposition, rising tension, character focus and used to set up what is to come for the next issue.

            The pacing of the book is excellent and Vaughan really gives us a great book that stands on its own while being a part of a much bigger story.


            Well damn! I do not think I will forget this issue for as long as I live. It held that much impact on me. Great art. Superb writing. It builds upon what has gone before while really focusing on a character that we had less focus on with good character building, great dialogue and wonderful build up. This issue was AMAZING.


            Saga # 12 gets a 9.5 out of 10.  A near perfect issue.

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