Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Skyward # 1 Review

Written by Jeremy Dale
Art by Jeremy Dale & Steve Downer
Action Lab Entertainment


            We get ourselves a tale of a father and a son. We see how mundane their life is, even though the father is a MOUNTAIN of muscle, only to find it stripped away little by little in the course of this first issue. Meet Quinn and his father, Corin. Through the course of the issue, you get to learn of their relationship, Corin’s past and see how things fall apart as Corin’s past catches up to him.


            Jeremy Dale loves this property. You can tell in every line, every ink, every single panel within this book. Dale gives us an energized style that is very pleasing to the eyes. You can see hits of anime/manga and classic comic book and fantasy influences in his art. The shading is used just right with each and ever panel to convey the mood and emotion of the scene.  The characters look distinct and full of life.

            One of the many things I loved about this first issue was that it really showed us a nice mix of fantasy and mundane. Corin is a hulk of a man but with great proportions. You can see why anyone would idolize Corin physically, thanks to Dale’s art and Downer’s colors. Downer’s colors really enhance Dale’s work, gripping readers tightly to the world of Skyward and not letting go.

            The background were rendered well. The animals were very well drawn. Even the Slog Riders looked frightening and starkly contrasted the peaceful setting … which I believe is what Dale was going for. There is a great amount to the eyes to be attracted to as Dale artistically gives us the end of peace in this comic with really great visuals. There is a lack of blood but that does not work against the art during climatic scenes. A simply stunning looking book through and through.


            Dale takes on writing chores for the book as well. And I must say that Dale knows what he’s doing. With introducing Quinn and Corin together, Dale gives us not only the strong bond between father and son but characters that are whole relatable while also showing the differences of how people are to what people aspire to be all in one shot. Quinn is young. He is full of life and excitement that Dale captures that childhood joy and wonder well.  Corin is strong (physically and mentally) with strong ethics that make him the type of man any young boy aspires to be. This definitely works to grab readers and keep them glued to what happens throughout the issue.

            There is a definite theme war will find you anywhere. And Dale does a great job, slowly but sure amping up the fantasy aspects of the books alongside the philosophical aspects of war and peace in one shot. Corin’s past being revealed in a great conversation between him and Herod was done well . .. giving hits of the man Corin was and their former friendship.

            The dialogue in the book was light, easy and fun. The character interactions were felt authentic, really breathing life to the characters. Dale does a lot in this issue but really helps easy in the fantasy that is to come very well. I really enjoyed the book.


            Skyward was a stunning start to the series. The characters felt real. The art was full of energy, strong and captured mood and emotion well. The overall themes were easy to understand and relatable. Quinn makes a great guide to our story of a boy who is about to be forced to grow up. And the seeds of what is to come are planted very organically throughout this first issue. A great job but Dale & Downer.


            I give Skyward # 1 a 9 out of 10. Really great first impression. Buy the book!

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