Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Soulfire # 5 Review

Written by JT Krul & Frank Mastromauro
Art by Giuseppe Cafaro, Mike DeBalfo
& Nei Ruffino
Aspen Comics


            Malikai and the gang prepare weapons that amplify magic as they find that the Elemental Dragons are causing a lot of problems in the world. Teague is all for this merging of magic and technology but Faye is against it to be used in battle. Meanwhile, as Sarin is worried about his place on the throne and Grace when Miya appears before him.

            As the group splits up to tackle the Elemental Dragons, Malikai tries to go to Grace … seeing if he can free her from Oris’s grip.


            Holy Frell this issue is BEAUTIFUL. The characters are nice, detailed and distinct. The backgrounds are done well. Everyone from Benoist to Faye were rendered well. No awkard positions. Even  the perspective problem that last issue had was NOT an issue here.  I can BARELY tell that two artists did this issue. Cafaro’s art and DeBalfo’s art mesh extremely well as this issue continues to push towards a final confrontation between Oris and the alliance.  Panels were dynamic and appearing.

            The sharp lines help bring out great details on the characters and the Elemental Dragons … Who look absolutely epic. This book is ridiculously beautiful. And Nei Ruffino’s colors only make each and every single panel much more vibrant that what was seen before. This world is full of characters and we get to see each little by little with wonderous color and shading that fit the scene.  The dynamic and energetic pencils and the vibrant colors make this book a feast for the eyes that one my not soon forget.


            JT Krul really begins to set up the endgame this issue as we get great character interactions between Faye, Teague, Malikai and more. The stake are high. And not only do we have the conflict of the Elemental Dragons and Oris … we also have the conflict of magic vs technology alongside magic WITH technology now. Faye has made no secret that this merging of the two will lead to disaster and is against her faith.

            Meanwhile, Krul tugs at you with Malikai’s believe that they can get through to Grace while others disagree and we begin to see his confrontation with her at the end of the issue. Miya was definitely a surprise this issue but was welcomed as things begin to set up for a final battle. Sarin feeling that his throne is in danger made me dislike the assclown more. A brilliant job by Krul on characterization and overall story for the issue. My only gripe is that the last couple of pages move the otherwise well paced story too quickly. A lot happens in the last few pages and it takes away from the story a little. Yet overall, Krul grabs you with great characters, epic story and rising action leading to what may be an EPIC pay off.


            While the last few pages were much faster than the rest of the book, this was a solid issue. It set up for a climax. It also gave us some interesting thoughts as the long standing magic vs technology now has techno-magic entering the fray. Great characters, GORGEOUS art and a good story that makes you look forward to the end.


            Overall, I enjoyed the issue and really looking forward to the next issue. Soulfire #5 gets an 8 out of 10.

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