Sunday, May 12, 2013

StraightForward Reviews: Princeless Vol.2 issue 3

Welcome to another edition of StraightForward Reviews this time we look at the continuation of Jeremy Whitley's Princeless

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Adrienne meets her sister Angelica and tries to rescue her though it seems she doesn't want to get rescued. During this we also get more backstory on Adrienne's father and his allies. Then not much later we see a fight scene between Adrienne and one of the king's men. A comically awesome fight scene at that. This issue does a little bit of world building too. At least in glimpses. We learn more of other races of people and how the people besides Adrienne view the world and at least one of her sisters.

Jeremy Whitley continues, like in the past issues, with great character dialog and interactions that make the comic really engrossing.


The direction the art takes in this issue is reminiscent of animation more than a comic book. Which makes sense with a story about colorful characters in a fantasy world. It truly lends itself well to the action scenes especially. Since it shows great dynamic movement but doesn't come across as too gritty or dark which you wouldn't want in an all ages book that can be seen as being given to younger readers. It's extremely eye-catching and imaginative. Going back to the action scenes it's the kind of art you should go back and look at over and over so you can soak in how creative it really is.


No doubt about it Princeless is a real winner. It's captivating, charming, and has real substance to it. The characters really shine and the art is enjoyable. I give Princeless a well deserved 9.5 out of 10.

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