Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1st Impressions: JIRNI # 3 Review

Written by JT Krul
Art by Paolo Pantalena, Brett Smith, Beth Sotelo & Wes Hartman
Aspen Comics


                We continue our journey with Ara and Nylese as their journey has them find more of Nylese’s people. Meanwhile, we get some back story on Queen Luna … including her origin as well as big clues behind the origin of Ara herself. This, of course, is while she is being strung along with Torinthal, who sent a powerful & deadly djinn after Ara.

                After her people welcome her to the kingdom, Nylese votes to celebrate while Ara wants to leave. Of course, it is too late as the deadly djinn arrives, attacking Ara and Nylese’s people.


                Paolo Pantalena’s art really shines throughout the entire issue. There is a certain majesty to each issue of this series that he brings that I have not quite seen in other work of his.  Pantalena gives these really powerful, full pencils that just jump out of the page. Besides Ara, none of the other women look exaggerated.  Considering Ara’s body, her porportions being a little exaggerated work for her. The backgrounds are wonderfully lush, vivid and varied between the forest of Nylese’s people to the cities within the book to the mountains. Pantalena really lets his pencil fly with sharp work that catches your eye and does let go.

                Colors by Smith, Sotelo & Hartman really intensify Pantalena’s work. Quieter moments have the lighter touch in terms of colors while the action is given a bit more intensity. You can see it during Ara’s battle with the Djinn that the shading and colors are just slightly more vibrant but in a good way … matching the tone and the action.

                The art team does a superb job with the art this issue.


                JT Krul really steps us the game and plot this issue. We got some details on Luna’s origins as well as clues as to Ara’s. We got some great character development from both Nylese and Ara between their scenes together. Torinthal continues to be that villain that you love to hate cause he’s a bastard through and through. With Luna, he feels he has great power. And that is one of the worst things about Torinthal, even though we barely see him this issue. Krul gives us enough to know that he is a bastard.

                Ara continues to show multiple facets of herself as she is protective of Nylese, caring for her mother and compassionate in battle … when the situation calls it.  The fact that Ara displayed the power to read the Djinn’s feelings was profoundly interesting; opening over how Djinn’s feel when they are taken by a master. That was added on top of the layer of what Luna had stated as she recalled her own origins. 

                This leads to more and more fascinating possibilities for the story to take and what Torinthal is really doing. Krul opens those doors and keeps you held with good story. I admit, I was confused at the start of these series but this issue helps explain a lot and lays the seeds for what is to come nicely with a great cliffhanger.


                 A story that reveals more about the background of the main players and the main character. A good amount of story with little action but it feels balanced. Nylese’s people welcoming her so easily was a welcomed changed from the normal … “we can’t trust you cause you are from such and such” . The art was dynamic, full of energy, sharp and gripping. A great issue. 


                This is a great comic. Even if you hadn’t read the first 2 issues, you won’t be lost. I give Jirni # 3 a 9 … out of 10. 

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