Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1st Impressions: SHADOWMAN # 7 Review

Art by Neil Edwards, Matt Ryan & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


            After Samedi has both Alyssa and Shadowman in his clutches, Dox comes in trying to save them. Samedi, though, gives an offer to Jack. Dox tells him not to take it but Jack and Dox have an intense conversation which leads to an unlikely alliance .. .

            Meanwhile, Darque is doing crazy stuff to get out of the Deadside while the Brethen are trying to get Darque to Earth. Yet, Shadowman jumps into action against the Brethen and their leader, Devereaux, as Dox takes a different approach …


            Neil Edwards definitely showed his skills this issue.  It has improved this issue as we get some pretty gory stuff as Samedi makes his presence felt big time. The action looks good. The gore looks horrifying. There is some pictures where the faces just looked a little weird cause of distance but over all, Edwards and Ryan bring out some great art. Smooth lines and descriptive faces and backgrounds. Darque, though, does not look that menacing this issue … till the final page.

            Reber does a great job with colors, keeping the book dark and moody, as it should be. It also makes the gore that much more horrific. Reber really does a good job bringing out the best of Edwards and Ryan pencils and inks. Pretty good work from the art team.


            Jordon weaves a good, solid issue. Jack continues to show that just because he accepted the responsibility of Shadowman, all things attached to it are not to his liking at all. Jack’s conversation with Dox was very gripping and resonated with me about young men arguing with their fathers about what they are going through to achieve this “destiny” set upon them.

            We got more of Devereaux this issue which really made him seem more charming. Yet, it gave us a view of The Brethren and their role serving Master Darque. Darque had the single most chilling final page this year (thus far) as he took the soul of *******.

            The pacing was great. The characterizations really gripped me but I was slightly annoyed by 2 things: 1 – No Dr. Mirage … even though she’s on the cover. I still don’t understand what happened to her after what happened last issue.  And 2 – Alyssa, if you were gonna be like “We should be protecting Shadowman” … then why the hell you didn’t tell Dox that in the first place or go with Jack when he left?

            Those were the two things that had me scratch my head but still, Jordon delivers a good issue with this.


            Shadowman continues to mix horror with drama and action in a great unique blend. Besides the 2 follies, this was a good issue. It set up the climax, gave a really great exchange between Dox and Jack, show us how powerful both Samedi and Darque are and advances the characters of Jack & Dox. The art is good. The pacing great. Overall, a good issue but there could be some improvement.


            I give Shadowman # 7 a 7 out of 10. Buy it. Although it's got a couple of holes, it's a good issue.

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