Friday, June 7, 2013

1st Impressions: Shrugged 2 # 3

Aspen Comics


            Theo is enjoying life while Ange and Dev watch as Theo goes through practice, meet up with the mysterious and kind of stalker-ish Mr. Scelus and then nearly getting into a fight with Rick.

            In Prespecta, Chaos becomes unleashed, attacking the citizens and slowly taking it over.

            Back on Earth, the chaos has an effect on both Ange and Dev … which in turn, makes Theo go through pain. So much so that Theo ends up on Perspecta and . . .


            This issue continues to display the beautiful art from Marks and Sotelo.  What I love is the contrasts that are consistently viewed in this issue. Not just the two realms of Earth and Perspecta but also Ange and Dev. The edgy pencils and inks really help give a different yet animated texture. Ange always looks fluid while Dev is a bit more gruff. Marks gives his people distinct features while Sotelo’s colors really help give energy to Marks’ work.

            The only slightly problem I saw was one panel where it was people from a distance had no distinct features. I know it is hard to make faces from such a distance but it just looked weird to see no faces at all.

            Otherwise, Marks and Sotelo beautifully render this issue.


            Mastromauro spends the issue giving us a day of the life of Theo while building up the threat and chaos that was to come. Theo is growing up while the relationships he has are definitely coming to bear … especially Kiori. Her feelings for Theo are becoming apparent to all … but Theo. Meanwhile … seeing the corruption of Perspecta. We see over the course of the issue how the corruption is affecting Perspecta and the ending definitely nailed that things have gotten bad.

            The issue was paced well. And I am intrigued what is going to happen next. Yet, I felt a bit … meh. I enjoyed the issue. I like Theo and I love Ange and Dev. But there just felt like something was missing and I can’t put my finger on it. Otherwise, it’s got great dialogue, interesting characters and a good plot.


            We get a good day in the life story with a b plot dealing with the corruption of Perspecta. Having both plots meet at the end was done well and the art was superb. The writing is good I just felt like something was missing.


   I give Shrugged 2 # 3 a 7.5 out of 10. Good, could be better. Yet, still read it and pick it up.

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