Thursday, June 13, 2013

Comic News: Action Lab Danger Zone Launch Titles Sells Out At Distributor

Action Lab: Danger Zone Launch Sells Out At Distributor

Thursday, June 13th - As of last night, Action Lab was informed by multiple retailers that both of our two Action Lab: Danger Zone launch titles - “Ehmm Theory #1” and “Ghost Town #1” - have sold out all copies through Diamond Distribution and all reorders from retailers are currently being put on hold.

First and foremost, Action Lab would like to thank all of the retailers and fans who have made the launch of our new imprint a tremendous success.  It’s a fantastic problem to face to have such high demand that we’re struggling to meet it.  It would frankly be impossible without your support.

On another note, it’s not over yet.  Action Lab is tapping our company supply of convention stock to meet all orders through Diamond.  Retailers still have the opportunity to get first-print copies of both Ehmm Theory and Ghost Town’s premier issues.  We will be issuing a resupply to Diamond later this week to cover all outstanding orders.  On that note, we encourage you to get your orders in as soon as possible while we still have copies in stock.  We intend to fill every last Diamond order for both titles as long as we can and encourage all retailers to contact their Diamond rep about ordering or reordering both books.

Again, thank you so much to all the retailers, reviewers, and fans who have made our lives a little more difficult - in the most pleasant way possible.  We look forward to hearing from all of those who read and enjoy our books in the coming month.  For any retailer questions, please contact our Director of Marketing at

Jeremy Whitley

Action Lab Director of Marketing

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