Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Comic News: Yu as Avengers Artists During Infinity Tie-Ins

   During Wizard World Philly 2013, Marvel has returned to the con for the first time in nearly a decade. They had several panels. One of them, CB Cebulski had the Marvel: To Infinity and Beyond panel ...which was modeled like a Cup O' Joe panels ... with con goers asking questions and Marvel Answering them. Well, we did hear one big announcement.

    During the panel, superstar artist Leinil Yu confirmed that he will be doing the art for Avengers during issues #18-23, which all tie in to Infinity. While this does seem like a lengthy guest stint, with Avengers being bi-weekly, that is to be expected.  And remember, this isn't his first stint drawing the Avengers. He was drawing New Avengers (vol 1) for about a year right after the events of Civil War.

  Yu stated, "I am a big fan of science fiction . . . I am getting to draw so many different things that I have always wanted to draw ..." He continued to say that he really felt honored to be able to draw all these sci-fi elements in a book as big as Avengers.

   The Infinity Tie-In issues for Infinity will hit stands this fall.

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