Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Darkonslaught Productions: Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher

After many years fans can finally own the original Power Morpher.  Well its a newer version but still its pretty much the one they used on MMPR.  The bigger size may not be 100% accurate but for those who couldn't get the original can at least own the new one.  The box has a really retro feel with the lightning bolts and the green color helps it make it looks like one of the original products. The added Die-cast gives the morpher more weight along with the worn out coins makes it look more like a prop rather then a toy.  On top of that the added belt buckle which was removed on the original release gives it more display options along with adding a cosplay option.  At this moment It is a toysrus exclusive and it is unknown if it will be sold at other retailers so keep a lookout at your store to see if you can get one.

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