Monday, July 1, 2013

1st Impression: FATHOM - THE ELITE SAGA # 3

Written by JT Krul, Vince Hernandez & David Wohl
Art by V. Ken Marion, Mark Roslan & Kyle Ritter
Aspen Comics


                We open with a match we never thought we’d see again. Aspen takes on Kiani as she accuses Aspen of taking her baby sister. As the two trade words and some blows for a moment, Anya comes up to Kiani telling her that she asked Aspen to help her. An very unofficial alliance was formed by the two alongside Kiani and Aspen, the three search for the baby only to find a trap waiting for them as Kiani and Aspen tackle the beings that stole Anya.


                V. Ken Marion gives us one of his best works to date this issue.  Marion’s pencils are electrifying this issue. The action was kinetic, gripping and magnetic. The poses and posture was authentic. The panel work were really eye catching. Marion gives us great action with a good amount of emotion and expression on the faces. The emotion of Anya and Kiani was really captured well.

                Roslan’s inks and Ritter’s colors really accentuated Marion’s art extremely well, making it vivid and even more captivating. Roslan’s inks were crisp and sharp , really bringing out Marion’s pencils while Ritter’s colors made the world of Fathom more vivid under the sea than any reader could imagine. Over all, a tour de force for the art team.


                We didn’t get Killian this issue. But honestly, that did not matter as we got an emotionally powerful and interesting confrontation between Kiani and Aspen.  It was full of tension, anger and full of egotism cause both Aspen and Kiani showed that neither was going to back down.  Kiani also had a great intensily powerful moment with her mother, Anya. It really highlighted Krul’s script writing and all of the writers creativity.

                Also, the reveal of who was behind the kidnapping added more weight to the saga and the issue. This event was personal and Krul really did a great job displaying that. Krul paced this issue excellently with multiple battles and well given emotional moments.  Really good dialogue only added to the plot and/or emotional impact of the events of the issue.  Superb writing.


                This issue was flat out amazing. Outstandingly, beautiful art! Layered, emotional powerful and balanced writing! This is how comics should be.


                Powerful writing with mesmerizing art with a grand story with personal effects. Comics at it’s finest. I give Fathom: The Elite Saga # 3 a 10 out of 10.

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