Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1st Impressions: ALL NEW FATHOM # 1 Review

Written by David Wohl & Frank Mastromauro
Art by Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, John Ereck & Beth Sotelo
Aspen Comics


                We open with a mystery as a tropical island of Belize as … from the depths of the sea a giant glacier appeared.  Then we shift to the Sea of Cortez off of Mexico when an oil leak happens in an oil rig in the sea.  Suddenly, Aspen comes in and cleans up the oil mess before it can cause major damage using her powers.

                Afterwards, Aspen makes sure that the company responsible does their part and goes off. She goes back to her place in San Diego. There, we see Judith, now recovered from the events of Fathom Vol. 4. She is working as Aspen’s assistant and relays her several messages … Belize not being mentioned. Yet, Aspen first takes on a Russian man who wants to hire her to examine the Blue named Luzhin. Luzhin offers her a state of the art facility but Aspen turns him down. Finally, she goes over to Belize to see what happens and finds some very familiar beings waiting in the depths of that glacier.


                You know, I was going on and on about V. Ken Marion during The Elite Saga.  Now, we have a new artist that is not new to Aspen Comics readers … Alex Konat. While his art was good before, he brings his A game here with vivid pictures,  kinetic action and an interesting style. Konat’s style is very detailed and inkers Roslan and Ereck make sure to amplify that with their inks. And it is not just the people but the background that are detailed. We get city streets, the depths of the ocean, oil rigs and glaciers … Konat, Roslan and Ereck pull out all the stops for a detailed first issue. And it works. I wasn’t crazy of the idea after falling in love with Marion’s art but Konat’s are is REALLY outstanding here: just different.

                Sotelo continues to be one of the best colorists in the business with vibrant colors and deep shading where needed. Sotelo really makes sure that the artists work explodes outward with her colors and only makes Konat’s work look that much better. There is this sense of whimsical curiousity in this art teams work that makes you want to keep turning the page. A definite strong showing.


                Wohl is here with Mastromauro plotting with him in this new series. And this issue is a good first issue.  We get reintroduced to Aspen. We are told a little of her back story; just enough for new readers to get a handle on her while older readers don’t feel like their intelligence isn’t be insulted … which is not easy when you start over with a new # 1. We got great character work with Aspen … seeing different facets of her already … from her business side … to a softer side with Judith … Aspen is far from the woman we first met 15 years ago back in Image when she first appeared.

                Wohl does a great job pacing the issue as well as no scene lasted too long. There is one gripe about the issue that just felt very … out of place … Luzhin.  While I am not sure that something will be done with him, his being there just seemed to be a little off from the rest of the story.  All the other story elements fit. Luzhin … I am sure this will lead to some building so I am not going to judge harshly yet … something about him makes me feel like he’s wrong …. That he does not belong in the book.

                Other than that, we got a strong first issue that is a great read; full of mystery, wonder and character development.  It is a new beginning and it felt like it here.


                Besides Luzhin, the story is great.  The art is pretty damn good too. I still need to get fully solid on this creative side of things but very damn good.


  I give  All New Fathom # 1 … an 8 … out of 10. Pick it up tomorrow.

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