Monday, July 8, 2013

1st Impressions: LEGEND OF THE SHADOW CLAN # 5

Written by David Wohl & Brad Foxhoven
Art by Cory Smith & John Starr
Aspen Comics


                It is the final issue of the first miniseries. And it goes out with a bang. We got Brayden and Pogo dealing with some drones sent out by Koji. Meanwhile, Morgan and her grandfather end up trying to help police. Once Pogo uses his skills to figure out where Koji and his parents are, he tells Morgan. Their grandfather then has the police travel behind him to Koji’s base where the final battle ensues.

                As Brayden and Pogo end up facing Koji, the rest of their family tries to escape . ..


                Cory Smith gives a strong showing this issue. With some movement, technology and embracing backgrounds, Smith really gives your eyes something to look at. The action was well displayed. The people’s bodies were distinctive.  Smith’s art is very smooth with clean lines and sharp inks that give the art depth.

                Starr’s colors really help gives Smith’s art depth and mood lights each panel.  Smith and Starr work well together to give you an exciting, action packed comic. What I love from Smith and Starr is that this book takes place during the evening and they color and shade to give that illusion.

                The art was rendered well and very enjoyable.


                Wohl and Foxhoven give us a climatic ending that is somewhat pleasing but does have an issue.  While the book had a great, action packed ending that was exciting, it had one main issue: the Ending was too fast.  There was a lot that went on in this issue that would have benefited if it had another issue left to stretch it out, then the story would have been perfect.  Yet, the opening few pages were paced well but the second half of the book moved way too fast for the ending.  The break neak pace at the end ties everything up too quickly. It takes away from the story. 

                Legend of the Shadow Clan # 5 has great dialogue, showed off wonderful  characterization and has good action. Wohl is a master with characterization & narration and displays it this issue.  This is pretty good writing but a misstep there at the end.


                The book ends well but not great. The quick ending holds it from being perfect. Still, great art and good story ends out this first miniseries.


                I give Legend of the Shadow Clan # 5 a 7 out of 10.

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