Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comic News: Henchmen Comes Out today!

Henchmen Come For You
Digital Release of Henchmen Comic launches July 10th 2013
(Indianapolis, IN- July 10th, 2013 Robot Paper announced today that their first release “Henchmen” will be live on their June 10th 2013. A dark comedy that tells the tale of a down-on-his-luck father who goes to amazing lengths to provide for his daughter. Brian Wyrick the editor explains, “It's simple. Unemployed or underemployed? How far would you go to survive in a down economy with a daughter who needs braces?”. Print release will occur August 9th online or in midwest regional comic shops. For a limited time preorder the print version and get the download for free! The book will be carried by other digital distributors including Graphicly and Comixology. Retailers who wish to carry the book should contact or submit your information online at  A free teaser of the comic is available when you sign up for the mailing list via

About Henchmen the Comic:
Henchmen is a comic book about the other guys.
Gary is struggling to get by. Too old to learn a new trade, too young to retire. Then he finds a mysterious classified ad. When he applies in person, he finds a subversive world of henchmen for hire. Readers will see the familiar superhero landscape from the unique perspective of those who rarely get a voice but are always present… the Henchmen. While the superhero is battling the super-villain, the henchmen are the ones loading the loot into the van. They all have stories, they all have fears. Gary is a good man driven to do terrible things.
Full color 48 pages $4.99. Cover by Renowned Comic Artist Icon Dave Dorman (Star Wars, Indiana Jones)

“Henchmen was a labor of love,” Wyrick continues. “We know a lot of folks really want to go to San Diego Comic Con and can't. We just wanted to give them a special release to look forward to that they COULD get a hold of!”

About Robot Paper:
Launched in 2012 by life long friends, Robot Paper combines the creative talents of three friends to transform a dream into a reality. With a little luck and a lot of hard work Robot Paper is working to turn their initial release Henchmen into a successful line of comic books that appeal to comic book readers of all ages.

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