Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comics News: Challengers Comics & Conversation Wins Eisner For "Spirit of Comics" Retailer Award

Challengers Comics+Conversation Wins Eisner “Spirit of Comics” Retailer Award
(Chicago, IL -July 23rd, 2013) Chicago Retailer Challengers Comics+Conversation wins this year's Will Eisner “Spirit of Comics” Retailer award. This award began in 1993 when visionary comics creator Will Eisner approached Comic-Con International in 1993 to create an award that recognized the incredible contributions of retailers to the comic book
industry. He wanted to stress the crucial bond between creators, publishers and retailers in getting the books into the hands of the public. Comic-Con created the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award to honor those retailers in the United States and around the World. Challengers Comics+Conversation is the 31st recipient of the award. The Eisners are the equivalent of the Oscars in the comic community.
We had HUGE competition,” explained Challengers Comics+Conversation Co-Owner Patrick Brower. “This year's nominees contained some of the best stores in Australia and New Zealand as well as those in the United States. “We are honored and humbled to win. I can't thank enough W. Dal Bush [Challengers Comics+Conversation Other Co-Owner], our fantastic staff, numerous friends, family, and the customers who have helped make this possible”. This award is the latest in a series of wins for Challengers Comics+Conversation. When they launched, Chicago Magazine gave them Best New Comic Book Store in 2009. They followed that with Best Comic Shop from both New City and the Chicago Reader. Best New Gallery and Best Gallery Exhibit were also awarded by Chicago Reader for their Rogues Gallery exhibition.
Challengers staffer Ashly Powley accepted the award on behalf of the store at San Diego Comic Con. She was the first employee to be hired by the store and this was her first trip to the convention. Her texts from the night included:“Ahhhhhh! We won!!!!”“I’m shaking!”“I don’t even know what I said” (in regards to her speech)“John Barrowman and Edward James Olmos are in the same room as me. AND I got to walk on the same stage they did. AND WE WON! I MAY DIE!”“Tonight is like a dream!!!”
“He said we were best friends now” (in regards to meeting Neil Gaiman)                                                                                                  
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About Challengers Comics:
Started in March 2008, CHALLENGERS is a comic store dedicated to one idea: reading comics is really pretty awesome. Okay, it's not curing cancer or ending injustice, but MAN! Have you read  Have you read Hawkeye? Or Saga? Or Revival? Or The Sixth Gun?  Or Daredevil? Or Scott Pilgrim? Or Mind MGMT? Or The Massive? Or Batman? Or Yotsuba?  Those books are crazy good! Plus, I'm not sure we'd be really good at ending injustice. Like, do we need a permit for that? Or reflective stickers on our jackets? We'd need jackets, too, I guess. We're a little better at recommending comics and talking with folks about said comics, so we'll probably just stick with that

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