Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Preview: BUBBLEGUN # 2

Mark Roslan ­ Story / Mike Bowden ­ Art / David Curiel - Colors

They like the tech, but live for the high stakes!

When the gang realized the ³package² they painstaking retrieved could
possibly be the most high-tech performance machine on the planet‹and more
importantly, a young, kidnapped cyber boy‹the weight of their crime quickly
comes into focus. Secrets are revealed, alliances shattered, and one of the
team could literally never recover her psyche as the stakes have grown far
greater than they could have ever imagined!

Creator and writer Mark Roslan, along with penciler Mike Bowden and colorist
David Curiel invite you to take part in what¹s sure to become Aspen¹s next
hit sci-fi, action adventure series, BUBBLEGUN!

BUBBLEGUN #2 is in stores July 10th, 2013!

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