Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st Impression: ALL NEW FATHOM # 2

Written by David Wohl & Frank Mastromauro
Art by Alex Konat, Mark Roslan & Beth Sotelo
Aspen Comics


                Aspen faces off with some old enemies but they end up retreating. She then realizes how big the threat is and goes to Muria to speak to the Elite Council as she is welcomed by an old “friend.” Meanwhile,  we find our main antagonist getting ready to bring forth war into the world through a VERY familiar character that ties into Fathom: The Elite Saga. Finally, Chance is flying in the Grand Canyon, only to find something he wasn’t expecting EVER.

                Okay. Konat. You have won me over. When I heard that All New Fathom was not going to be drawn by V. Ken Marion, I was a little disappointed. This issue shattered those disappointments and more. Konat gives us some of the most spectacular pencils he’s ever delivered. There are nice and detailed with a great sense of style. There is a sharpness to his work that adds to the detail and really makes it stand out. Roslan’s inks just intensifies it with good shadows and strong inks that really exemplifies Konat’s pencils.  Sotelo’s colors are vivid, enchanting and bold brings out Konat’s work. There is a great amount of different angles and spectacular backgrounds that were rendered.  All in all, some breath taking work from the art team.

                We got a good issue here. Some great action with Aspen and some really good development as she swallows her pride to get help. Yet, what I have to say that really got me this issue were the THREE … different surprises we had. One of them was Fathom going to Muria and seeing  ….  The second is our main antagonist and the reveal of what she has done since the Elite Saga. And finally, the last page. Wohl writes a strong issue with good action and a lot of great twists that really hold the readers attention. The dialogue was great and the issue had solid pacing. Kudos to Wohl and Mastromauro for this book.

                Spectacular art. Good story. GREAT SURPRISES.  Great book.


                This issue surprised me more than the first and was better. For the second time this week, I am going to do this: ALL NEW FATHOM # 2 gets a 10 … out of 10.

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