Friday, August 9, 2013

1st Impression: CHARISMAGIC # 4 Review

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan, Emilio Lopez & Wes Hartman
Aspen Comics


                Hank learns more about the Golden Realm as he, Sparkles and Sudana travel with Haven in order to gain help against Serke. Serke and Torgon, in the meantime, torment Kenny as he finds Hector and Alle siding with Serke.

                In the Golden Realm, Sudana is reunited with an old friend as an unknown evil seems to be travelling within another member of the cast. And finally … one character leaves while another character from Charismagic lore returns.


                Cucca continues to amaze and astonish as he delivers a solid issue. Dynamic backgrounds that draw the eyes are topped with well-proportioned and varied looking characters. Each character looks how they want to be perceived. Serke, Torgon and Alle look imposing and horrifying, Sudana looks majestic and strong, Hank looks thoughtful yet independent … all really good traits of these characters that are shown to readers through the art … not just the dialogue. Roslan’s inks continue to really touch up and make Cucca’s pencils that much more spectacular with good shading all around. Lopez and Hartman’s colors bring that extra shine to each and every panel in the book.

                There is one thing I did notice this issue that was not seen in the other issues. Hector and Alle were missing the glowing eyes that they had during the first 3 issues. I am not entirely sure as to why they do not now. Is it a style choice or does it have to do with them dealing with the powers they now possess. I am not entirely sure. It does make what happens this issue that much more gruesome when one character dies … and Hector and Alle get to watch.

                Overall, the character designs are amazing. The art is vivid and gets better and better. A spectacular job.

                This issue delivered in more ways than one this issue and Hernandez made sure that this continued to be a roller coaster of a ride. Hernandez continue to add to the lore of Charismagic with the characters of the Golden Realm while still being able to develop Hank, Sparkles and some of the other characters. Haven, Darflex & Sha help breath life into the Golden Realm as definitely something different from Earth.

     Hernandez hits you where it hurts this issue with one characters untimely departure to the surprises during the final pages of the issue. Hernandez keeps a heft pace where there is set ups and pay offs that work for the plot and is paced extremely well. Ups and downs, Hernandez truly makes the story feel like a rollercoaster right that works just right for the issue. Hank continues his progression as a hero alongside Sudana, who is the seasoned veteran. Yet, Hank is showing more promise this issue as he takes in the Golden Realm but does not act inept. Hector’s struggle with what he becomes continues to be on display this issue as Hernandez makes sure to see Hector showing more reluctance … but does not stop the atrocity committed this issue.

                With strong development and interesting characters, Hernandez shines again with Charismagic.

                This issue was near perfection. Great characters. Wonderous backgrounds. Great set ups to dynamic and impactful pay offs. Exceptional art. It was the best issue of Charismagic yet. My slight gripe is the whole Hector and Alle no longer having glowing eyes this issue. That did dumbfound me. Otherwise, one of the best comics on shelves now.

                Charismagic #4 continues to astound and spellbound me to its pages. Thanks to the creative team.  I give Charismagic #4 a 9.5 out of 10. Near Perfect. BUY IT NOW!


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