Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1st Impression: CHARISMAGIC- THE DEATH PRINCESS # 3 Review

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Emilio Lopez & Mirika Andolfo
Aspen Comics

                Kon is forced to face off against his friends as Orlana controls them using her powers. Kon then does his best to battle his friends … except one as one friend dies, thanks to Orlana’s actions. Samsun plays a crucial role that leads to a dismal fate for another member of Kon’s group.

                This does lead a character in chains, another character exiled and finally, the rest of the characters moving on to undo Orlana’s damage and directly leads into the current storylines in Charismagic Vol. 2.

                Lopez does a good job this issue. Nice smooth pencils give the book a nice energy this issue, which is an improvement from the last.  The backgrounds were good this issue as well as panel composition. Lopez works hard to give you dynamic panels this issue and it really works during the final battle between Kon and his friends.  The anime-influenced Lopez gives is both simple in overall composition but detailed enough to really catch your eye.  There is a lot of emotion Lopez conveys this issue between the characters; especially Kon, Samsun and Orlana. You can see it on their faces throughout the issue.

                Also, the colors were majestic and vivid as Lopez and Andolfo bring their A game.  The shading of the characters are well done, allowing to give the right tone of the panel they are used in … mostly to give a sense of mystery or fear. The desert, the ruins … even the dungeon had the right colors and right shading to lure readers eyes in.

                Overall, a good job by the art team.

                Hernandez does a great job this issue in wrapping up this pivotal story of the past. The characters all have resolutions to their stories that will carry over to the second volume of Charismagic. This battle ends up being much more personal than Kon original anticipated.  Even more so for Eshera, Samsun and the others and Hernandez handles  their characterization perfectly. From Eshera’s objections to leaving Orlana alive to Samsun’s confusion to Kon’s overall sense of responsibility, Hernandez gives enough time for all characters to shine … which makes this ending that much more tragic.
                Hernandez certainly paces this issue much better with the last. While a lot does happen this issue as well last, there was a nice flow from one event to the other and did not feel crammed. The plot is tied up in a very realistic, emotionally gripping ending. The resolution didn’t feel like they were coming out of nowhere and Hernandez makes sure there is enough left over to link to the current volume of Charismagic while still making sure this story stand on its own. It deepened the mythology of Charismagic while also giving background to characters we’ve come to know in the other Charismagic books. Kudos to Hernandez for a strong finish to this miniseries.


                While issue # 2 was okay, I did enjoy this issue better. There was a better flow and the stakes certainly were high enough.  Hernandez gave us really great character work and a very emotionally gripping end while Lopez and Andolfo gave us strong, vivid art that definitely worked this issue.

                I liked this book  … more than I thought I would. I give Charismagic: The Death Princess # 3 a 9 … out of 10. Pick it up Today!

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