Monday, August 5, 2013

1st Impression: Shadowman # 9 Review

Written by Justin Jordon
Art by Neil Edwards, Roberto Del Torre, Lewis LaRosa, Rocco Martellacci, Diego Bernard, Alejandro Sicat, Andrea Cuneo & Matt Ryan
Valiant Comics


                It’s the final show down between Jack and Darque during this issue as the two clash in the Deadside. Darque’s full plan is revealed as he is using the souls he corrupted to give him power and build a tower back to the land of the living. And it’s starting to work.

                Meanwhile, Baron Samedi does his best to rally the free spirits in the Deadside against Darque and his forces. As they join with Jack to face off against Darque … a sacrifice is made in order to stop the mad sorcerer.

                The art for the issue varied because it had a VERY LARGE, variety of artists (pencilers & inkers), that put their stamp this issue. And that lead to feeling a bit disjointed visually while reading the book.  There was some really spectacular art in there by Edwards, Del Torree  and another but there was some art that just was TOO simplistic, and clashed with the rest of the book. I am not saying that they are bad artists. I am just saying that it was NOT the right mix.

                Overall, most of the backgrounds were detailed. We saw multiple characters and a wide range of emotions. Reber does his best to keep the multiple artists construct that is Shadowman #9 together through his colors. With the exception of one or two … he succeeds.  Reber is really proving himself to be one of the best colorists in the business ….with the right colors and right tones for the right scene.

                This writing this issue was superb. It was a strong closing to the story that began about 6 months ago now in Shadowman # 5.  There were high stakes. Good amount of character development.  A right mix of action with emotion. Colorful characters and great pacing. This current storyline really continued to set up the status quo for Jack … which seems to be that NO ONE is safe.

                There is a great pace for the story as it reaches its climax and the payoffs are well worth it. My own disdain for the comic is the inclusion … or lack there of  Dr. Mirage.  She was introduced in the beginning of the arc then just dropped.  And she wasn’t in this issue and I can understand why but still feels like she was supposed to have a big part in the storyline.  Other than that, I really feel that Jordon establishes that NO ONE is safe around Jack and that their fight with Darque is very deep and personal one.

                 The issue was paced well.  The dialogue was interesting, concise and clear. Jordon also enriches the story by making sure that the stakes and the prices paid were personal to Jack and the others.  A great job overall by Justin Jordon.


                Good book. Strong finish but the multiple artists worked against this issue and the lack of explanation for Dr. Mirage  hurt it, but not too much. Solid book to read.


                I give Shadowman # 9 a 7.5 out of 10. It’s a good book. It could be better but still good conclusion that will grab you and don’t let go.

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