Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gaming News: Symbiote Studios Levels Up with ScrewAttack

Symbiote Studios levels up with ScrewAttack
Pax Prime Premiere of new Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures level at Symbiote Studios booth
(Seattle, WA- August 27th 2013) Symbiote Studios announced today that they will be partnering with video game entertainment rockstars ScrewAttack to help premiere ScrewAttack Games new game Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures at Pax Prime Booth 6202. AVGN Adventures is based on the extremely popular web series, The Angry Video Game Nerd created by James Rolfe, who's YouTube account has nearly 1.1 Million subscribers. The game releases September 2013 and is currently available for pre-order via Steam. One person who pre-orders AVGN Adventures will actually be featured in the game as a non-playable character. Pax Prime is considered to be the Disneyland of the video game industry and gathers upwards of seventy thousand people each year. Symbiote will be selling ScrewAttack and Angry Video Game Nerd products at the booth as well as a small supply of their limited edition QuakeCon Phobos figures.  Fans can preorder the game here:

We are so excited to be working with Symbiote to show off the game,” explained ScrewAttack CEO Craig Skistimas. “Symbiote's line is known for it's unique nature, great value and high quality. Our values are similar to theirs for sure.” is where video game fans go to hear the voice of people who speak the language. 90% video gaming 10% journalism. Their audience is some of the most serious core video gamers there are and we want to get in front of them for sure” remarked Joseph Reiter head of Symbiote Studios.
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About Symbiote Studios:
Launched in 2007, Symbiote Studios goal was to create realistic vinyl toys and resin statues. From humorous figures like Sam and Max to bad ass figures from DOOM and Elder Scrolls Skyrim they have established themselves as serious contenders in the category.
About ScrewAttack Entertainment LLC launched in February 2006, and quickly taken the video game entertainment world by storm. With its unique blend of programming and personalities, ScrewAttack has remained true to its roots and has created a home for gamers of all kinds. Viewed over a billion times since its inception, ScrewAttack has developed partnerships with a number of high profile companies, including MTV Networks, Ziff Davis Media, Google,, and YouTube. In addition original programming, ScrewAttack also produces the largest console gaming event in Texas, SGC, as well as recently expanded it's role in the video game industry serving as a publisher for independent video games via the newest leg of it's business, ScrewAttack Games.

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