Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st Impression: CHARISMAGIC # 5

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Vincenzo Cucca, Mark Roslan, Wes Hartman & Emilio Lopez
Aspen Comics

                The amount of “HOLY S#IT!” in this issue are many as this issue is packed! Sha Lux decrees that Sparkles MUST die and things just circle out of control from there.  With last issues big return, Samsun is back but Kon isn’t alone as Serke makes his move.
                Meanwhile, the situation in the Golden Realm is only more complicated as Torgon has made it to the Golden Realm.

                Cucca and Roslan present to us a very powerful, action packed issue as their pencils and inks bring out very bold panel work. The sharp backgrounds, the kinetic action, the shading … all add up for these two this issue as they give us a very knockout, drag down battles. Cucca uses his pencils to present characters of all shapes and sizes while also giving us a lot of different looks of magic; which only make the issue that much more appealing.  Roslan’s inks are bolder, just adding more energy to the book.
                Hartman and Lopez’s colors absolutely shimmer this issue as every panel is colored to near perfection. Great usage of shades and light as their colors make this seem more like animation slapped into a book in perfect order. A stellar job by the art team.

                PAYOFFS! That is what this issue is full of. So much so, that I can honestly say that it makes me love this series more. Without giving away too many spoilers, Hernandez presents us with an issue where every last thing he built in not only this series, but also The Death Princess miniseries, pays off big time this issue. And it all ties together, extremely well.
                Hernandez continues to give us plenty of human factor in the midst of explosive confrontation and it packs sledgehammers to the face kind of wallop as the multiple battles get really, REALLY personal. Hernandez drives the plot home with both confrontations where all this building is played out very naturally, for readers who have not been following the whole time. For those who pick up this issue as their first Charismagic issue, they may feel a little lost but it well DEFINITELY make them look for previous issues. We get multiple facets of Sudana, Hank, Sha Lux and more. The pacing for the issue is perfect and Hernadez grips you with great story and action.

                Honestly, the best issue of Charismagic (Vol 2) yet. And I am so looking forward to having my hands on the next issue. 

                Not even a question. Charismagic # 5 gets a 10 out of 10. BUY IT WEDNESDAY!!!

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