Sunday, September 15, 2013

1st Impression: Ehmm Theory # 3

Written by Brockton McKinney
Art by Larkin Ford & Jason Strutz
Action Lab: Danger Zone

            So, after last issue completely changed the status quo of what we thought this series was about, we get even more surprises. As Gabriel, Mr. Whispers and Alyona continue journeying to find Gabriel’s father, Aaron Ehmm; we are introduced to Alyona’s old friend, Tym.  The search reveals how Gabriel’s parents had met. Yet, Dominka is closing in and a reunion gets more and more difficult as Gabriel finds out more about his parents than he bargained for.

            Larkin Ford and Jason Strutz continue to dazzle people with their art. The cartoony style mixed with detail and modern super hero sensibilities really make this book’s art stand out. And this issue really gives you a vast variety of things: talking animals, robots, medieval like princesses and modern day guns. There are various kinds of backgrounds in this book that also really shows off Ford and Strutz’s skills. The art is smooth, with enough detail to show people and animals of all shapes and sizes. The inks are very clean and sharp. Ford’s pencils continue to electrify. The book constantly makes you see the unexpected and Ford pulls it off so well. With great proportions and even more vivid colors, this was a solid issue.

            McKinney continues to write one of the most innovative, most status quo shattering books in comic book history.  Every time you think you have your footing and feel like you know where this book is going, McKinney pulls the rug under you. This issue’s revelations just add to the mystery behind the book while building up to this first miniseries’ finale. While McKinney is building his world, he makes sure to keep developing his main characters. While this issue, it does not seem apparent, Gabriel got some deep development with the multiple revelations this issue. His reactions to everything kept building and building on what has been established. Whispers and Alyona also get great development.
            Yet, McKinney weaves so many twists and turns so well to the emotional attachments in the show. The pacing for the book is good but honestly, if the book was a little slower, then it’d be perfect. Otherwise, this is one of the best written books I have ever read.

            This issue was simply amazing! Great art. Exquisite Story. Good pacing. Besides the manor pacing issue, this book just continues to be one of the best comics ever.

            I give Ehmm Theory # 3 gets 9.5 out of 10. BUY IT!!!

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