Thursday, September 12, 2013

1st Impression: EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT- IRIS (Vol. 3) # 5

Written by David Wohl
Art by Alex Lei  & Siya Oum
Aspen Comics

                Executive Extinction ends with a few bangs and an increasing body count.  We get an EXTREMELY unlikely alliance. Iris reflects after the death of Lily as she meets with her new partner. Meanwhile, the rest of the EAs gather together for a final assault on Mazutsu.

                Alex Lei was much improved this issue. His art was crisp. His lines were nice and clean with great pencils and inks. Lei draws beautiful and deadly women with good angles.  Lei also gives great backgrounds and sharp shading throughout the issue. Oum shines will some brilliant coloring this issue. There are some great tones used to show darker areas as opposed to lighter ones. The porportions were great this issue and the sequential art flowed well from panel to panel.  A solid job by this art team.

                Wohl ties up the events of Executive Extinction and this latest Executive Assistant: Iris fairly well. Iris gets some good development here, dealing the with loss of Lily as well as confrontations with Rose. And while we do see some of the other EAs, Iris does shine. The narrative helps give the issue a great flow.  The dialogue felt real and the situations fit the storyline and issue well. My only gripe was that it felt a bit rushed at the end. Not much but I think a couple extra pages would have helped make this issue have a better flow. Still, Wohl closes this chapter in Executive Assistant: Iris’s life well with gripping action and good drama that does not drag.

                The book is fairly solid. Wraps up everything well. The art was good. Pretty solid issue all around.


                I give Executive Assistant: Iris # 5 an 8 … out of 10. 

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